I think my drive is Locked but doesn't fit description

ok my CD drive has recently started to act weird. It’s a Lite-On LTR-52246S. I have Nero 7 and DVD Region+CSS Free on my comptuer as well.

When I inssert a CD that has a name to it and then “Eject” the CD using the buttons or the “Eject” command of windows, it Ejects the disc.

But the drive still shows the CD is there. I can click the CD and it will open it like it was still there. There isnt’ anything there of cource because there is no disc.

Like If I put a CD that I burned into my drive that was labeled “New1999”, then ejected it and then put The Sims in. The Drive won’t autoplay the disc, and in My Computer it shows that the disc in the drive is still “New1999” but if I open it, the contents of The Sims disc are shown.

It reads all types of CD’s that I put into it but if I try it after a disc has already been inserted the “AutoPlay” wont’ work either.

I tried the Volume and Populate method and it still shows a previous disc is still in there.

My dad has told me this is a virus which I don’t believe for a second. (I use AVG and it hasn’t found anything since it started doing this a month or 2 ago) and I can’t find anything on


It was a registry thing for the autoplay…

sorry to waste your time.


Can you please let me know the resolution? I am having a similar issue.