I think my drive is broken - won't burn

I’m trying to burn RedHat ISO’s (in winxp) with a Lite-on 48/24/48 and Nero but all it does is get stuck. It spins up, then a few seconds later it spins down, then up, then down…all the while the progress is stuck at 5% and it says it’s doing the lead-in.
I tried doing it TAO also - same thing. I made one coaster like this so I’ve been doing simulated burns while working on it. I just put in the latest firmware, didn’t help.

This seems to have worked.
The drive was also having trouble reading, and I was going to need to use it alot to upgrade RedHat, so I swapped my drives on the channel. I put my old 36X CDROM in as master and the CDRW in as slave. So I just completed a 40x simulated burn in nero and it didn’t really seem to have any problems (it could just barely do 12x before). I hope this means it will stay fixed.