I think my BenQ is dying

I think my BenQ DW1655 is going bad, lately its been having issues reading some disc.

Since my BenQ is a scanning drive, i probably will have to replace it with one of those damn lite-ons.

I had one lately and its been rather disappointed with it, let me hear some recommendations.

Ah yes I would also be interested in what the best scanning drive is … I’ve heard that liteon’s aren’t that great however the well known BenQ’s are hard to find…so what alternatives are left?

Maybe it is the burning quality of your Samsung SH-S203B and DL discs.
Does it do that with other discs too?

that disc is readable on SH-S203B, SH-S182, DVR-111, DVR-109, NEC 4551, only benq freaks out.

Later i burned the same disc on DVR-111, and benq also freaked out.

There are no reliable alternatives to Mediatek-based drives now :sad: