I think my 1620 is broken


I’ve been using this drive since the first of the year, and I’ve burned about 30 DVDs with it using Nero I’m using this drive to backup our DVDs so the originals don’t get trashed. Today my drive will not read DVDs, only CDs. When I place a DVD in the 1620, and it does the follwing sequence of yellow LED flashes and clicking sounds: blink 7x, click, blink 7x, click, blink 7x, click, blink 5x, off. This happens with blank and burned DVD+RWs and pressed DVDs. The really strange thing is that blank and burned CD-Rs and pressed CDs load fine.

I have been using the B7T9 since I got the drive. I tried today to back up to B7P9, but that did not change this DVD reading issue. I checked my bios, device manager, and Nero installation and everything appears to be setup properly. Is there something I missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The only thing you missed is to turn off power, wait a few minutes and to try again, but I fear this will not help.

Thanks, but I already tried that to no avail. I am seriously stumped here.

On another note, has anyone dealt with BenQ’s tech support? How are they? Is it better to contact them by email or phone? What kind of time span can I expect from an email to their support?

If this happens with several pressed and burned DVDs, and I bet you already have, the DVD laser is dead and you have to return your drive.

a very long shot would be to disconnect the drive restart and then plug back in.

BENQ is replacing drive :slight_smile:

GREAT customer service department!

Yup yup.

When I had to RMA mine, it was totally painless and very fast. I called them up, and within 4 mins I had an RMA#, knew where I hade to drop the drive off, etc.




New drive arrived Friday!