I think it is time for a new drive?

Well guys and gals I think I’m up for a new DVD Burner, I have mainly burnt DVD-R media with fairly good results until recently that is. Lately I will have to burn 2 to 3 DVD-R discs to get 1 that plays back without any problems, I had put this down to a bad batch of media. I tried a couple of other brands of -R media with varying results.

Well today I bit the bullet and went and purchased a few of supposedly top quality +R discs, 2 fujifilm and 2 verbatim just to see if these would burn/play better. The fujifilm discs are RICOHJPNR01 and the verbatim discs are MCC002, both brands costing an arm and a leg to purchase here in Australia.

Even though the results are better than what I have been getting lately with -R discs only the fujifilm will play in my stand alone player (Pioneer DVD525) and I don’t consider either of the results that I have posted as good.(these are the better of the 2 results)

Now for my question anybody want to buy a slightly used LDW411S, just joking. No the real question is to buy a 812S now or wait for 832S to come down in price, they are about $70AUS difference in price, does the 812/832 burn -R media as good as +R media. I am asking this because my pioneer DVD525 seems to prefer -R over +R I can have some really crappy -R scans and it will play them fine but +R scans that are 1/3 as bad will not always play.

Any suggestions, comments greatly appreciated.

I haven’t even considered the 1213S because of what I have read it is a crappy drive?

This does not seem to be a burn problem but a media problem with your player. The burns look good. Does burning the -R @ 2x help? I am wondering if some players do not like +R media. Even with setting the book type.

I did burn 1 of my DVD-R discs @ 2x and it scanned 2x as bad as @4x :confused: but it plays fine, I didn’t save the scan otherwise I would post it, by the way both +R discs are booktyped DVD-ROM

I agree my standalone player does like -R better, the MCC002 is a better scan but that won’t even play in my pioneer standalone.

Where in australia?


I thought the 812 & 832 were physically the same :confused:

I’m in Melbourne, Vic and yes we have computer swap meets here as well, http://www.comtrader.com.au/swap/ but generally speaking the majority of the media is plain wrapped crap dumped from taiwan and it varies to much in quality. Most of the stall holders look at you stupidly when you ask what is the mediacode for this “brand” and the ones who have heard of mediacodes don’t know what it is for any given media they just make up crap like it is verbatim or TY and when you get it home with no warrenty it turns out to be princo or something else but not what that they said it was. Also know one at these meetings stock +R media.

Yes that is my understanding as well when it comes to 812/832 but I’m thinking of not modifying the new drive, except for firware upgrades and maybe setting the booktype.

@stall owners not knowing what they sell -> I know, it’s bloody annoying. It’s the same with retail outles though. I remember that when i was working at a PC shop, the manager was forever telling me Not to open a spindle of the new CDR media to check the manfacturer. Only the first lot that came in.
Managers make you look like idiots when you tell a customer it’s one type of media (the first batch you tested) and then a next batch turns out to be some shit rebadged miscellaneous manufacturer.
But it’s not the same issue with the stalls. The guys behind the table are the guys that own the damn shop. They just don’t give a rats arse cos quite frankly, no-ones gonna take them to court to contest that they verbally guaranteed one type of media which turned out to be a different type of media and the court probably wouldn’t care for the customers story, that he returned a spindle of write-once media after the package was opened.

It’s very annoying that no-one stocks +R media. I don’t have exactly the same issue at these markets. The tend to be a tad bigger than the geelong swap meet I have visited before.
I find the same issue sometimes at the sydney markets. Or if they have +R media, all stalls have the same crap that fell of the back of a miscellanous brand truck :wink:

However, the drives are identifiable and should be much the same everywhere, and significantly cheaper than retail :wink:

Um, why not overclock an 812 if it’s the same hardware as an 832?
It’s practically risk free … and you can always go back to stock 812 firmware if it doesn’t work well enough :wink:

That’d be like buying a hammer, to hit nails and then not using it to crack open macadamias cos it wasn’t labelled specifically to smack around nuts!!

Glad to see someone else has the same problems I do at these weekend markets.

Yes I know the retailers don’t know what the code is either but at least if you buy media labelled Ricoh or Fujifilm from a retailer you have a good chance that the quality will be ok, instead of having no idea at all what you are really getting.

I was thinking the same way with the drive buy an 812 and the option is always there to convert it if I want to, but I’m a bit worried about its abilities with –R media I can’t seem to find many test results with the 812 and –R media. I’m starting to think buying a Pioneer drive might be a better idea; they seem to handle the –R format a bit better than the LiteOn drives?

I have been burning Optodisk 4x -R with my 812&832. These are a printable disk and sold under the Digitrex name(I think that is the name - the sticker has disappeared. They were reasonably priced and purchased from Harvey Norman. I have burned these for a friend and she is happy with the result (some hiccups, but no real problems. The Optodisk +R is real s**t media.

I have also successfully burnt Sony 4x -R media purchased from the Disk Shop for $19 for a 25 spool.

The liteon is not happy with Princo and hates AN31.

The burne

I have had some success with Optodisk 4X -R media which were $50 for 25 printable disks from Harvey Norman using my 812@832. I burn those for a friend and she is real happy with the result. The Optodisk 4x *R disks are real crap.

I also burn Sony 4x -R sold as vertex by The Disk Shop at $19 for 25. The Sony give the better burn.

The Liteon does not like Princo and hates AN31.

Bob do you know what the media code is for these disc’s, have done any KProbe scans on them if so could you possibly post a result for me to look at.

Thanks :smiley:

The Sony media code is SONY04D1 and the Optodisk is OPTODISCR004. The Sony disks have a plain white top with MarVo DVD-R 4X inside the inner circle.

The Sony burn can be found at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101871&page=2&pp=25 and the Optodisk at http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=93944&page=12&pp=25

The Optodisk scan doesn’t look too good, but as I say, the friend I burnt them for is happy with them.They seem to play well on her new player with just the odd glitch.

The scans are useless. It all depends on the drive used and the software used to burn them as well. I seen very good scans from plextor burns of Princo disks, sony -r’s, samsung, lg’s and a few others… Mostly expensive media… All turn out toasters on liteon’s.

@Bob H
Yes the 2nd Sony scan is better but I’m still not impressed, if they play ok that is something.

@ampikle are you saying discs burnt with a Plextor drive scan bad on a liteon drive?

@ Bob H & IceBerg & debro if you are looking for some good media, don’t go to shops like Harvey Norman , Dicky Smith or Tandy they are Ripp Off’s !!! find a local PC shop and ask them to order in some “RiDATA or RiTEK named DVD’s they are both RICOHJPNR01and they burn like a"House on Fire” I can get it in + or - for $1.30 a DVD. I do all my burning in Linux but I think you can get good burns in Windows as well with this media .

Thanks for all your comments guys, I decided to buy a 812S and the media that i thought was bad is so far good in this drive, it came with US0N firmware build date June 04. I have attached a scan of my 1st burn with the drive, remember my 411S couldn’t burn a playable disc using this media any more where once it was fine. I never had a result this good with the 411S though.

I live in Central Queensland and my local PC shops sell rubbish for this price. I don’t see how they would supply RICOHJPNR01 at the same price. I don’t usually buy from Harvey Norman or Dick Smith. We have a The Disk Shop in town but they only sell rubbish also and give no guarantee the disks will work. Also it is difficult to get one disk to find out the Media code.

I never buy from those guys anyway, often at 3-4x the price of the C-Fair for the same product, I just don’t see the value. Maybe emergencies.

There is one stall/guy at the C-fair which deals exclusively with media, and has about 5 different types of +R and -R media. Unfortunately, each brand keeps changing to different manufacturer’s media, making each purchase a game of chance. Since I have the LDW811 (pickiest DVD burner in the world) it’s effectively a game of russian Roulette.

Your assumption that the RICOHJPNR01 that are ordered in are really Ricoh is unfortunate, since I’ve noticed that recently, Ricoh branded RICOHJPNR01 give absolutely terrible burns, causing me to believe that some dodgy manufacturer is borrowing Ricohs media code and labelling them as ricohs. I have great results with relabelled RICOHJPNR01, just not Ricoh branded RICOHJPNR01. But as I said, unfortunately, I cannot be assured which brand is still RICOHJPNR01 and which have switched. I’ve been to several markets where I’ve bought two spindles of verbatim branded Media (at the same time) from the same stall, and one spindle was RICOHJPNR01 and one was Longten, despite both being externally indentical.

Ah yes here in Australia we only get the good media from Taiwan, nothing but the best, NOT

Good on you if you can get Ricoh media for that price but it aint happening here!

By the way the 8x discs that came with the new drive the +R is a TY and the -R is Ritek, now just to get something good to put on them hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Not a bad software package either, PowerDVD 5 Sonic MyDVD Deluxe, Record Now! and Simple Back Up.

Also I have burn’t 5 DVD’s with my crap media and the 812S all have been fine, so it really does look like the old 411S just doesn’t make the cut anymore. :sad:

The 411s/811s have never cut it, and that’s the point nearly everyone is making. Liteon should make a formal offer as an apology to replace the drive with at least an equivalent product that works as it says on their specs.

The fact they are dissing their customers by not providing firmware updates to cope with existing media, let alone new media, they are telling their customers that quite frankly, they don’t matter.

The last company that did this to me, I refuse to buy any of their products and support their arrogance. I have actively avoided products made by or known to contain panasonic/matushita/national panasonic parts for the last 5 years. And I have made several thousand dollars of purchases of products which would have otherwise fallen across their product lines.

That said, Liteon can shove the 411s and 811’s where the sun doesn’t shine. My money goes to NEC or any other Non-liteon affiliated company for my next (soon) DVDR-DL purchase.

About the media. It is market driven. People want cheaper media, they complain to the retailer about the price of media, they supply cheaper media by buying cheaper media. The majority of people which buy CDR/DVDR wouldn’t even have a clue what a media code is, let alone that DVD’s vary in quanlity, and could be manufactured by any of 50 different companies when labelled under a single brand at the shop!

Hence retailers only supply the crappiest stuff, and the big brands end up relabelling crappy shite because that’s the only way they can compete. Of course, the big brands still keep their line of “Premium quality” media, but retailers don’t stock it because the demand by a few CDFREAKS, or at least someone in the know, doesn’t justify the space/cost involved! So eventually big brands scrap the premium brands anyway! (Just like CDR) and we end up with relabelled crap!

Of course, it could aslo be that Australia is such a small market, and there is such a high demand in the US & Europe that it outstrips the capacity for good quality media, resulting in that all that is left is crappy media & it is shipped to australia, cos quite frankly they are the (ahem) the “clever country” (/me falls off my chair laughing) and won’t notice that the DVDR are all crap anyway.

My advice, buy media from overseas :wink: