I Think I'm Gonna Hurl!



Me too! :Z

What a joke!

jeez, double layer @ 2.4x @ $22.00 a pop…umm this is going well. :Z

thats B.S. i can get one of those disks and 8 8x and 1 4x rw for 29$ so id say the avg start price is gonna be around 5$.

Not sure how you arrived at that price (since 9 pieces of single layer media shouldn’t cost $24), but Best Buy is selling 2 packs of Verbatim DL media for $29.99 and Sony’s web site is selling single packs of Verbatim DL media for $14.99.

I called Verbatim some time ago and they told me the price was gonna be $15 a disk. I told them I hoped they were emotionally attached to them cause they weren’t going anywhere. BB sells the DL Solution Pack which has ONE DL disk in it for $30. The best info I have gathered seems to indicate a price around $5 a pop by years end.


Best Buy has shelf stickers for a two pack of DL media for $29.99 as well.

Whether any stores have them in stock, I don’t know.

As for a $5 price tag, I was replying to Jamos comment that that would be the average starting price for dual layer media, when its clearly not.

$5 a disc by year end? I would love to see that. I doubt it though. Memorex still hasn’t gotten their $12.99/disc media in stores yet, and I don’t see why Verbatim will lower their prices until they have competition. With Ritek saying they anticipate a $5-7 profit on each dual layer disc, I just don’t see there being enough competition at a price point that brings any dual layer media down to $5 in the next 5 months, much less Verbatim dual layer media.

The DigiTimes article of Ritek CEO Yeh saying about DL media profitability was for shareholders of the Ritek company in Taiwan. DigiTimes has a lot of reports to please them and Taiwanese government officials exactly. Most of the articles are only published in Chinese on paper and there are only less than 20 individuals to translate and report a small percentage of them in English for web revenues from around the world. I doubt Ritek can earn US$5 to US$7 per each DVD+R DL 2.4x disc during the second half of year 2004. That was meant for the first half. Memorex doesn’t manufacture DVD recordable media so it’s no surprise they haven’t shipped them to retail yet.

I’m more optimistic, as usual. US$3 per disc at retail by year end is what I’d expect. If it’s more than US$2 per disc at OEM, no distributors and importers are going to buy millions of the DL discs from any manufacturer. Unless they want what happened to DVD-RAM to be repeated to DVD+R DL, that is. Timing is also extremely crucial. Hardly anybody cares about HD-Burn or Gigarec, or DRU-700A or 32x CD-RW because they entered the market just too late or not at correct prices.

I’ve bought two of them here in Alaska from BB. The first was mismarked and after I told them repeatedly it was mismarked they sold it to me for $20. By the time I went for the second one they had them marked $30.


Well, considering they haven’t managed to get any out in the first half, they’re doing their usual great job. :slight_smile:

I never said they manufactured the media. But they did announce that they would be shipping Memorex-branded DL media in early July at a $12.99 price point. And its yet to appear in stores. Again, providing no competition for Verbatim on store shelves, and no reason therefore for prices to go down.

I’d say your crazy, not optimistic. :bigsmile:

Now, I’d be the first to be in line to buy $3 DL media. (As long as its not Grade Z Ritek crap.)

But the only way I see $3 DL media being available by the end of the year is if someone (Ritek? Prodisc?) comes in and undercuts the market severely. Being that its still a one horse race, with no other horses having left the gate, I don’t see an 80% price drop on quality DL media in the next 5 months as a realistic expectation.

Would be nice though …

Technological progress is what is crazy, not me.

I never said 80% price drop on Verbatim DL media. I just explained why $13 for one DL media is unrealistic, now or in the future.

Just look at the larger picture. You can read my past posts in early 2002 saying exactly the same thing to the early buyers of DVD+R SL media in many sites. People were buying or not buying media at prices like US$10 per each SL media then and those who usually don’t buy were complaining about the high cost without trying much to understand why it is always so expensive and so difficult to find products at retail stores even at that high cost. Technologies don’t happen overnight. They are inspired, developed, manufactured, distributed, sold, criticized, and back to the inventor’s brains for next iterations.

By Memorex not manufacturing media, what I meant was it doesn’t matter whether Memorex sells them or not regardless of their announcements. What is Memorex in the world of optical storage drives and media? Though it has a name, I don’t think it has any influence on the large-scale market worldwide though it does have a share in the US retail market from time to time. Memorex does release handsome press releases unlike actual media manufacturers most of whose employees can’t even write in English.

Blu-ray 25GB media have been on the market for about 20 months. Though DL DVD+R media was first known to appear sometime in early 2002, the volume production actually started from the first half of 2004 and NO company makes DL media in really large quantity yet. That is why you say I’m crazy to expect US$3 DL media while most of the actual distributors think DL market will never grow to be of much interest to them even at US$3 per disk. Again, you might say there is no Blu-ray product in the US market, but that is only your problem and Blu-ray has been on the market for long in the place where CD, DVD, DVD recordables, and Blu-ray were born. For serious applications, people have bought more D-VHS than any other media including Blu-ray and DVD+R(W) SL/DL because D-VHS offers the most storage space for money right now but there are still other people, like me, who prefer HDD to D-VHS because of its flexibility to handle things on keyboard.

As for Ritek not getting any out in the first half, do you know about it or just assumed so because there is no Ritek DVD+R DL media where you are looking?

By that, you mean you can have a ND-2500A for the price of two DVD+R DL blank disks.

I can have about 15 DVD+R DL blank disks for the price of one ND-2500A in Seoul.

Verbatim DVD+R9 8.6GB 2.4X JEWEL 5pieces @ € 98,99 In Italy.

It seems I’m gonna wait still some really long time to my burn my first DL.

Over here they are selling Verbatim DVD+R Dual layer 8.5 GB for $ 15 and that is in AUS dollars so it would make it in US dollars about $10 US some of the shops over here are still selling normal DVD+R for about $4 AUS

I’ve seen prices here in NZ for about the same $14-15 NZ, approx $10 US.

Mitsubishi and Verbatim CD-R 650MB discs were even more expensive than that at first retail releases in all countries. The same was repeated with DVD+R single-layer media, first with 2.4x, next with 4x, and then 8x. Has anyone seen Mitsubishi or Verbatim announcing new DVD+R or DVD+RW media under US$3? Even after Princo and CMC started selling 4x DVD-R media at under US$0.8 per disc, Verbatim was announcing new 4x DVD+R and 4x DVD+RW media at US$4 per disc. 32x CD-RW price was announced at US$2.

First ask yourselves how many DVD+R DL discs at 2.4x and 4x for how much money you are going to purchase in the coming months.

I don’t have any idea when Taiyo Yuden is going to start volume production of DVD+R DL media or whether they have already done it, but I am sure TY That’s retail DVD+R DL will be much cheaper than those under Mitusibishi or Verbatim brand names. Mitsubishi is not a company that needs to make optical recordable media to stay in business. It’s still the largest business body in the world, larger than South Korea and Taiwan combined.

Kenny makes a good point about Verbatim. Geez, I can find Verbatim SL media here for $3 per disc, and RW for $5 per disc. The true market value of DL will be set by Ritek/Ricoh, not by Verbatim. But even at $3-5 per disc, DL is still a bad deal. :Z

Most DVD movies my friends in South Korea buy seem to be priced about US$3 to $4 per title. :slight_smile:

This DL media is definitely overpriced. Wait 6 months to see what the real price will be. Just curiosity seekers who need the latest thing will buy this now.

You are right, curiosity is a costly feeling. :slight_smile: