I think i was cheated



Could anyone tell me how to understand the serial number of my NEC ND-3520A.

I ordered NEC ND-3520A Gray on a box (not bulk). and they sent me a bulk one and i’m not sure it is gray… at least i don’t think so… :a

1: ND-3520A
2: E-H900-04-4622(B)
Serial Number: 53GK271S111

i appreciate any help you give me. :bow:


normally an FCC id would indicate that it was made for american market


Actually they put the FCC ID on all the drive stickers at the manufacturing plant…
I assume this is so that they only need to use one sticker for all countries :wink:


Who did you order it from? Maybe you should e-mail them. By the way, what color does it look like?