I think I screwed up



Hello All

Newbie here, and I need some help. I am in Mournhold, trying to activate my trueflame sword and I have lost my bottle of pyroil tar. I had it and laid it down to fight a rogue hand (he kept over-encumbering me, so I tried to go into the fight as light as possible) I went back to where I set everything and all was gone. I lost a number of scrolls and lockpicks as well, but those are irrelevant. I have searched everywhere, including the draedic ruins where I got the tar, but to no avail. Is there more? I have tried to “additem” but I don’t think this item is one you can add. Am I screwed?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Try some verbatim media, then you will find your scrolls


Go to the magic shop and ask for Taiyo Yuden’s TYG02. :wink:


Give up, it’s hopeless. You should’ve died 5 times by now.