I think I killed my 1633s out of stupidity :(



Hello to all as this is my first post. :slight_smile: I tried some searching but couldn’t find much on my specific model #. My drive will not read anything ----- I have tried many different discs ------read errors galore ------I/O errors. :frowning:

I have had my lite-on 1633s for about 6 months now and having been doing a foolish thing. On my DVD’s I have been using ink to label them. The problem is that the ink will streak when spinning in the drive. I believe that the ink has screwed up the lens or the lazer? Not to sure though?

When I look at the tray I see some ink build up around the edges. How should I attempt to recover my drive?

Could cleaning the lens help? How could I do this on my model?

Thanks in advance for any info. I feel :Z knowing I could have ruined my drive.


Ink??? How? texta or paint brush?

If you can see splatter marks on the drive tray you could be in trouble.

Next time maybe wait until after the burn before “inking” them?


Well it was inked after burning and it was a felt tip pen. The ink streaked out from the words written on the disc when I played them back ----- even after the ink had supposedly dried 2 or 3 hours later. I took the drive out and just cleaned the tray of any ink build up and wrote down serial #'s and date made, because I was going to send back (4 months old). I put the drive back in and it started working again :confused: I don’t understand it?

Maybe it wasn’t the ink? Maybe the drive is starting to fail or it was some kind of hiccup. Time will tell. Should I try to clean the lens? How do you label your DVD’s?


Try using a Sharpie they dry instantly


I wouldn’t use anything except a permanent marker like “Sharpie”



check that out on how to clean ur DVD drive