I think i have wrecked my SHW-1635s

Let start with the facts - I am an idiot who tinkers with thing that I know nothing about!
I got this drive and installed it on my very old pc P3 600MHz on XP pro. Took a chance that it might work - even if i turned the speed right down.
I did sucessfully back up 20 Gb of pics and mp3 onto 5 DVD’s
I then got ambitious and decided to try and learn how to “back-up” movies. After playing with DVD Decrypter, Clone and some Region Free software, I ended up doing something to the firmware with RPCDE2?
Then it all went wrong. I couln’t read any discs at all. The Lite-On firmware update returned an error.
I have managed to flash the firmware with MKTFLASH and now have YSOV firmware on it from the lite-on site.
Still cant read any discs and have a continual green flashing light. The drive seams to think it is empty all the time?
Nero Tools tells me it is RPC1, but changes left by user and vendor are both “n/a”. In Drive properties the region is set to 2 (UK) with 1 user change remaining.
The drive is on secondary ide as slave - but behaves the same on master.

Any help much appreciated - even if it is bin it and buy a new one!


You have messed up your eeprom data. I have sent you a PM.

o crap im reading this post looking for a answer and ya take it to pm

Hi :slight_smile:
Lifes not fair. :sad:

The solution to this problem is to fix the single byte in the eeprom checksum which got corrupted by RPCDE2. The eeprom tool does not support the 1635 drives yet, so currently there is no public available solution for this known problem.

cool good reason not to mess with my drive yet.

A good reason not to use RPCDE2.

well maybe I’ll just have to sit it out for a while

lol i wont use it i dont even know what it is.

i use LTNRPC no problem so far on 1635s!!

Oops. I didn’t know that. :o Another thing on my list. :wink:

If someone hasn’t offered already ;), you can send me your EEPROM and I will fix it for you. You can still back up the EEPROM with the EEPROM Utility. My contact details are on my site. See my sig…

He has so far been unable to read the eeprom with your tool or the other.

Still no luck reading the eeprom. what is the difference between eeprom and firmware? If i run the latest firmware update from lite-on (YSOV) it tells me that the firmware is ok and upto date?

Mr.Y, Tell it to flash it again anyway. There must be something wrong with the firmware because both the tools read the EEPROM fine on my 1635S drive.

The EEPROM Utility won’t write it though, as the EEPROM layout has changed in certain areas so it fails my EEPROM validate check and the learn data is in a new location. :wink: A new version is on it’s way. :wink:

flash it again any way?
How should I do this - with the Lite-On firmware thingy YSOV?
Or should I use your stock YSOR - does this run on its own or do I need a utility?

(BTW I am currently at work so won’t be able to actually do any of this for quite a while yet!)

Yes. You can use either. Our firmware runs on it’s own as well. :wink:

thanks guys - i’ll do it this evening and give you an update.

All of your help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

ok latest is that neither the lite-on YSOV, or Codeguys YSOR will flash the firmware - i swear the lite-on one was working yesterday! Both are giving an unable to flash message with the lite - on version advising me to contact my vendor (not really a posibility since it was “aquired” through work)

Try to flash the .bin file using XSF from DOS.

That sounds like really hard work - whats XSF?