I think I have TWO dead Lite-Ons

First of all, my trusty 166S died today. The drive itself (stock firmware, I have tried flashing it with various versions) is recognized by Windows, but it won’t recognize any disc at all. When a disc is inserted, it makes the unmistakable shhh-shhh-shhhhhh sound, spins up… then it spins down, and up, and down, and up ("shhhh"ing occasionally) about 8 times and then just gives up and reports a “no disc” state.

On the exact same day, my Sony 700A burner (CY58) developed a ripping problem. Near the end of the disc (or at the layer change on dual layer) the PIFs go through the roof! The below image is a pressed single layer DVD with no visible surface defects… and it is ripping at about 0.01x right now. I have DVD Decrypter set to read each sector 1000 times (20 hardware x 50 software) which is the maximum setting. So far it hasn’t encountered a sector that it couldn’t read (yet), but the drive is going into a cycle of hundreds of retries at approximately 200 KB intervals…

No, it’s not the firmware hack… I’ve been using CY58 since it was released and never had this problem before.

I also cleaned the 166S lens with isopropyl alcohol (drive was out of warranty)… no effect.

What’s the verdict? Two drives dead? :a

@ erik98225
Can you try deleting both drives from ‘device manager’ and restart your computer? Maybe redetecting the drives will help.
Did you experience some sort of event in your system on that day which may have caused this problem??

drives are really psu sensitive. Check your power supply to see if it had not failed.

The 166S is officially dead (tried it on three different PSUs, same result). I bought a new 167T today that is working perfectly.

I still don’t know what’s up with the burner… as long as it can WRITE I don’t really care if it can read :bigsmile: I DID notice the room lights flicker (distant lightning strike?) at about the time this stuff started happening… possible that it fried the 166S and nothing else…