I think I have to RMA my 1655

purchased the drive Feb of this year, burnt over 1000 discs and worked like a horse. Until today, the drive made three consecutive coasters ( from Premium Line Taiyos TY02… :doh: :doh: :doh: ), switching to some Verbs MCC004 and no help…

I think it is it…he’s been working hard enough for the price I pick’em up.

I bought from Newegg and I think I’m still eligible for RMA…

Does anyone has some idea what will I get? is it still 1655? or newer drives? :smiley: :smiley:

( the attachment was the scan from one of the coasters…)

ATry different brand of DVD disc namely Sony, Verbatim or Fuji if that didn’t work then the dive is giving warning of the end of its performance life and try to RMA it or buy another one.

I burnt with Nero 6.6 like I always did…
and I checked the option of "Verify data on disc after burning"
from all of the coasters I’ve got, I wasn’t able to complete the verification part…

Like I said in the early post, this never happen before with the drive.

I’ve burnt the same certain data with my other drive NEC 3550a and the result was perfect.

I don’t see any Benq burners in Newegg’s listing, that’s why I’m asking right here wonder what will I get from the RMA

The drive does not give you advance warning that is about to go bad it happen just as people all of the sudden get seek and die. Look for I/O Magic or Norwood or even CompUSA brands they all are %90 BenQ drives.