I think I got robbed

:o I just bought game copy pro v2.73 in hopes to backup my child’s gamecube games so I can keep the originals in good condition. I clicked a link Copy Gamecube Games and found CD Freaks :confused:

HAHAHAHAHA. Thats kind of funny. I wonder if DoMiN8ToR has licensed out the forum as the troubleshooter.

Seems alot of people come here for help as the software companys don’t have any support. Maybe the new thing for s/w co. is to just send here and not have their own support.

i guess stealing not a crime lol

psst… i got this great backup tool and no installation is required at all (they’re all html files!). For a mere $99 per year you can be the king of the backup universe! apply now! :bigsmile:

You know the saying “pays your money and takes your choice”? Try it the other way round. :wink:

I would expect that CDFreaks maintains copyright of all documentation on the website. As per laws & ordinances, Game Copy Pro should log all users interaction & pay CDFreaks commision for every successful visit to the site.
Alternatively, they should be required to pay a “per-user” subscription.

I donate my time, & effort to CDFreaks as an opportunity to help some poor souls find their way to CDR/DVDR salvation, not to make some dodgy bastards rich by charging access to a freely accessible site.