I think I finally got this thing working



Well, after spending all weekend going through the forums again I think I finally got DVDFab express burning complete movies with no errors. I’ve done 10 “complete movie” burns in a row and they all have been good.

<sidenote>Sometimes I don’t blame people for not searching the forums. You do a keyword search and , man, it brings up a lot of stuff that you have to read through to see if it is relevant </sidenote>

Anyways, I thought I would share what I did.

(1) Remove any Roxio apps including regestry entries left behind.
(2) Got some quality blank discs …have been using Sony DVD-R lately
(3) Got a decent burner
(4) Uninstalled NERO OEM version that came with my burner and installed V7 ultra…although I don’t think that matters
(5) Ran the regestry cleaner as someone recommended
(6) Disable McAfee during burning

So, thanks for everyone that posted all the helpful information in the forums.

Just thought I would share


I guess we could use an “easy” button for searches…


Maybe we can get a mod to move solutions like brwiggins’ post to the for help thread that I started and make it a sticky. It would be nice to be able to have less places to look for a solution. The old Forum had 3 main topics, 1 for Region & css free, one for Platinum, Gold & Express, and 1 for DVDIdle. Was a little easier to find what you needed, But the search button is almost an easy button. I’ll try to post a link to this thread in the for help thread, but want orthers to post the solutions that they find in it too but no questions until the solutions are found then we can refer a user to that thread instead of having to type long answers.



I never had a problem burning with Roxio installed. So I am not sure that matters…


Some versions of Roxio are not supported by fab.



It was an old version 5 of Easy CD creator


Yeah, Easy CD creator was one of the notorious, blacklisted apps…not sure exactly which, of the older versions though. Anyway, good pick up on your part… :iagree:


Already, to have roxio and nero installed in the same computer is a bad thing. incompatibility assured, and more on old versions lol (due to locking drive). (that’s why we must desactivate XP burning…)
After, nero 7 is a big sh…t and a really bad try of nero ag…(to want do all in one is really a big big mistake…), the only good solution for nero is to keep the version (for now, versions above are really bugged)
That’s why advices of brwiggins are good.


roxio + dvd burning = NOTGOOD!! Very propietory and invasive…stick to the VSO, Nero…although cannot speak for Nero 7.X