I think I broke it

Need help from experienced user. I have an LG DVD super duper read anything/write anything drive (GSA-4166B) and use Nero Express 6 (came with the drive) with Power Producer, PowerDVD etc. Drive will still read anything, but couple of days ago I tried to burn some data to DVD and got a “write error” message. It will still burn CD’s just fine, but won’t burn any DVD’s; “write error”. I’ve burned a couple of dozen DVD’s with it, till now, no issues. Now, no DVD’s.
I tried uninstall and reinstall software, no help. Can’t find anything in manual about “write errors” or what size hammer to use to fix one. Please help!!!

check the DMA settings they could have changed since you burn the last time.

Restore your system operation by Windows to one week earlier and that might resolve the issue if not then the time is for the drive replacement.

Are those DVDs all the same brand? Does it read DVDs OK?

I’m guessing “yes” to the second question, since you say it will still “read anything” :slight_smile:

Is the drive an OEM? - I’ve seen many problems relating to that model - maybe your laser diode just crapped itself :expressionless: … Will it burn different discs okay?