I think I bricked my drive. iHAS124B

Hey, guys, I have a iHAS124B which I crossflashed to a iHAS524B and was working fine. I have done the crossflashing procedure tons of times but never bricked a drive before. I just wanted to compare results between the 524 firmware and the latest 124 firmware so I went and crossflashed it a little while ago but I noticed that after flashing the firmware the drive’s led did not flash but instead it stayed green. Now, the situation is that the drive is completely inoperable and doesn’t eject or anything. However, I am able to flash any compatible firmware in this drive but the read firmware button is greyed out. The eeprom utility doesn’t work at all, doesn’t let me restore or backup eeprom. Also, everytime I flash a firmware the firmware version number is wrong, but drive shows the proper id of the firmware. None of the functions with the eeprom utility work, it gives an error. It’s wierd because the power didn’t go out or anything while this situation started. I do have the original eeprom and firmware of the drive backed up. Is there a way I can use those to bring the drive back to life? I know xsf utility doesn’t work with the new B series drives. Codeking if you’re reading this please help revive the drive, as I said I do have the original eeprom and firmware backups. Thanks in advance.

Does this mean there is no way to revive this drive? The drive is not completely dead, the computer sees it as a cd drive. Eject button doesn’t work, but it can be flashed normally using the FU, however when flashed to a certain firmware it will show the proper name of the drive eg., iHAS124 or iHAS524, but the firmware version number is not right. Also, no more flashing light when a different firmware is flashed to it. Eeprom utility sees the drive but can’t read or flash eeprom.

Sounds really weird. I must have done over 50 flashes on my drive now.

1/ What firmware version is shown. Something like 0L04.
2/ Have you flashed the boot code at any time.

[QUOTE=C0deKing;2579872]Sounds really weird. I must have done over 50 flashes on my drive now.

1/ What firmware version is shown. Something like 0L04.
2/ Have you flashed the boot code at any time.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, CodeKing, I was away from my computer for the past day, couldn’t reply sooner. Yes, the version is something similar to 0L04 and and I’m sure I did use the update boot code option.

Your drive is in boot mode, which means your main firmware is failing the CRC check. It sounds like your drive may have a faulty flash chip. Please read your firmware, as it is now, and post a link, or send it to me. Contact email on my site.

Actually flash utility is unable to read firmware, only able to write.

That’s right, boot mode doesn’t support firmware read.

That’s bad luck. I won’t be able to see where the Flash is bad or correct the CRC, without it.

Not sure what else can be done from here. If I think of anything, I will post back.

Thanks CodeKing for your help. I’m not too worried, this drive only cost me 20 bucks including shipping, so it’s no big deal. Drives are so cheap these days, it’s not really heartbreaking if one does break down and brick. We actually has some Asus clones of Liteon on sale a few weeks ago here for like 10 bucks a piece. he he. Now that’s a new low. I’ll probably just chuck it out and get a new one if needed. I already have another HP clone which I have flashed to the 624B firmware and an Optriac 7260S which is also a very good writer. Thanks for all the help CodeKing.