I Sync I Have A Problem (PAL to NTSC)

I am getting 0.10 second hesitations symultaniously in audio and video if I touch ConvertXtoDVD PAL to NTSC output with NeroVision or Nero Recode. Otherwise the ConvertX output plays fine, and NeroVision PAL to NTSC or Nero Recode compression play fine. I am playing the videos off the hard disk using Nero Showtime and/or MPC.

I have the latest commercial ConvertXtoDVD, and a fully updated commercial Nero 6 Ultra Edition v6.6.1.4 package.

I did the following:

  1. Rip 9GB PAL DVD with DVD Decrypter.

  2. Used ConvertXtoDVD to Convert PAL 9GB VOB to NTSC 9GB VOB (no compression).

  3. Used NeroVision to Snip part of one of the ConvertX NTSC VOB files (Took 300K out of the middle of a 1GB file), and had NeroVision encode the result to a VOB file . This file plays, but it has consistent ~0.1 second hesitations every 1 second. These hesitations are in both the audio and video. Otherwise, the audio and video stay synced and play for the duration of the subvideo. Is there some parameter to set in ConvertXtoDVD so this won’t happen? (Or a nero setting)?

  4. Used Nero Recode2 (commercial Nero 6, latest version) to compress the ConvertXtoDVD output from step 2). Compression was from 9 GB to 5 GB. The resulting output had exactly the same flaw as step 3, so the problem seems to be in the interface between ConvertX codec output or Nero’s codec.

  5. If I leave ConvertX PAL to NTSC out of the process, NeroVision will snip DVDDecrypter PAL VOBs and change them to NTSC, and the result will play without the hesitation.

  6. If I leave the ConvertX PAL to NTSC out of the process, Nero Recode will compress the PAL 9GB to PAL 5GB and the result will play without a problem.

So Nero alone is successful, Nero with ConvertX isn’t. I prefer to use ConvertX where I can because it saves many steps!!


  1. Used ConvertXtoDVD to Convert PAL 9GB VOB to NTSC 9GB VOB (no compression).

How did you do this?

Used NeroVision to Snip part of one of the ConvertX NTSC VOB files

Taking small portion from middle of file might behave in various ways, most of those not what is is meant to do. Totally unusable way to “test”.

Thx for your response.

In NeroVision I used the timeline editor. Specifically I place the indicator over the part I want and press “split” to to create two sections of the video. Then I delete the part I don’t want.

Please explain. I know there are different markers or types of frames for timing etc in the video. In a consumer friendly editor like NeroVision I expect the SW to give me useable output, which it does, unless i use ConvertXtoDVD (CvtX) first to convert to NTSC.

I think the problem is that there are different ways to increase the framerate from 25 to 30 fps. Whatever technique CvtX uses (which I have read is a good one), Nero doesn’t like it.

If I said that Nero throws out the CvtX changes but keeps the 30 fps, would this make sense to anyone? It sounds and looks like Nero is using duplication of frames to fill up the extra frames, which causes hesitation in movement and pops in audio. These hesitations and pops don’t exist before the Nero edit or recode.

How did you convert to NTSC with CxD without compression?

General -> Set a working folder. Burning -> uncheck [ ] burn dvd. TV Format -> [NTSC], [4:3]. Encoding -> Target Size [9GB] (CxD won’t make DVD bigger, so it comes out what it was). Voila! one DVD PAL to DVD NTSC copy on disk!