I successfully copied Battlefield 1942 (SD 2.51) with my LG8120B

I just copied a 1:1 copy of Battlefield 1942 with my LG8120B and it works perfectly. I used the SafeDisc 2.51 AWS profile that can be downloaded on the forum. I felt like sharing cause its my first successful 1:1 copy. So does this mean that my burner can copy all SD 2 (.51) games or did it only get lucky

Depends… Your drive seems to work with AWS so it could be a so-called (well not called more like referred to ;)) as a one-sheep writer. Did you try playing the back-up from a Toshiba DVD-ROM drive? These drives are the best test drives since they’re very picky when it comes to playing SafeDisc 2 copies. If your back-up works in these drives then you made a perfect back-up. Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

No, I’ve just installed and played from my old x32 LiteOn CD-Drive (about 4 and 1/2 years old). I’ve made aother copy for a friend who has a “xxx” CD-Drive and works well too.