I Still have a Proplem With BIN and CUE Files

hello every one,

ok i did my Serch and read and loooked every Where i still didnt finde any FIx’s to this so Am gona ask the Pros for help here if any one is willing to help me out and the others that have the same Proplem.

i have 2 BIN files one is 678 MB and the Other one is 128 MB they are BOTH bin Files NO CUE, every time i USE nero it gives me the Following ERROR
(( unxpected or invalied file FORMAT )) so i got winISO and tryed that still got INVALIED file type , i used demon TOOLS and tryed MUonting them it did work after renaming the files to ISO but the files where EMPTY NADA in them.

oh yeah and i did try ISoBUster no help at all so am thinking coulde the files be DAMGED or am i doing somthing wrong ??

when i burn i burn at 16x with Nero DVD+R WR i allready messd UP 4 cds LOL so any help will be great thank you all.

Fireburner can burn Bins without Cues. What method did you use with ISOBuster? You should be able to convert .bin to .iso with ease. Otherwise if your sure its just a single track image, just write a cue up:

FILE “Location of File\Name.bin” BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00


Isobuster and winiso i used both of them to (( EXTRACT THE data )) but it gave me an Invalied file type again

well i used a program calld (( sega cue maker )) it did make the cue but then it didnt work it seemd like it was buring good but i couldent read the cd and it wont open it too.

remove the extension from the file so itz no longer a bin, just a file. drag the file into isobuster. what happens ?

nothing happens ? it just say
… session 1
… track 01

thats it.

dose it matter if it was orginaly from a DVD ?? DVD games ?

Inside track 1 there should be an mpeg file extract it some where. The use Nero to make you vcd or dvd which ever you like.

Second picture shows the file(s)inside the mpeg one you click mpeg folder

here is a PIC still nothing even the extension is removed ??

give up now - while u still have your sanity

BIN files are usually CD images not DVD images & the format for bin files is not compatible with a DVD format, so you really should just burn to a CD. I wasn’t quite sure from your first post whether you burned to CD or DVD.

Try Imgburn or DVD Decrypter to directly burn the bin to CD. If you want these will convert to DVD format on-the-fly & burn to DVD.

TimC no i did not try and burn them on a DVD I WAS JUST WONDERING IN MY LAST POST IF THE CASE WAS THEY ARE DVD img woulde it make a diffrence.

well right now am Stuck and i dont know what els i can do i mean i tryed all or most of the Programs u guys toled me to use Here plus some other of my OWN and nothing so Far.
i dont know what am Doing wrong if any one wanna try and mess with the BINS i have
they are more than welcom to try Just PM and maybe some one can finde out whats going on thank you all for the help.

i think am about to give up lol just like what G|-|osterz Side . i mean i was experementing to see how can i back up MY PC games and other stuff but it seems like am not the type of a guy that will make this work 100%, so if thier is any one feels bad for my sorry azz LOL maybe they can help me figure what am i doing wrong if not o well LOL guse ill just leave it at that.

i think i got it it might be because its a PC-DVD GAME !!! but i dont :frowning:

Just give up on it.

It the original disc doesn’t belong to you so you don’t have any legal priviledge to back it up anyway.

but it Dose belong to ME i wanted to LEARN how to DO things you get What am Saying ?

Who care’s if the cd belongs to him or not. You self righteous asses just need to let people deal with thier own concience and not worry about what’s happening in everybody elses lives!!!

Why not use WinISO to convert to an ISO?

Isobuster, which is the only program I know of that will produce a .bin image file without an accompanying .cue file, is not an appropriate program for backing up pc games.

Further, whilst the bin/cue format is ok for backing up unprotected games and for some types of protection, it is by no means suitable for all.

If you are trying to back up your original games, why not tell us what game(s) you’re trying to copy and we’ll let you know how to go about it (assuming that it’s possible).

ah, you have original disc ? try dvd decrypter in ISO read mode

let me tell you somthing guys i never copyed a CD OR a DVD ever in my life that i dont OWN if i wanted to i coulde of hade a video store for my self but i aint like that each and ever one of you DID Download or RIPED a MOVIE AND a game that is not urs and dont LIE and say no you didnt.

Any ways if u must know the what is the game its Playboy Game i got it USed for $15.

Ok, tell us whether it’s a cd or dvd game and scan it with A-ray scanner and then let us know what protection the game uses.