"I Spy"

i’ve looked through the forums and haven’t found my answer… so i guess its time for my first post…

just trying to back up “I Spy” and all i keep getting is a “missing file” pop-up…

is something wrong with the DVD or me?

i have anydvd and dvdx platinum

What are you trying to back it up to? If your trying to make 1 copy for personal use, try using Shrink.

What is up with all the people trying to use DVD XCopy variants with modern discs lately? Seems every time I turn around someone on here is like “I use DVDXCopy XPress with AnyDVD and it doesn’t work…”


Your software is oooooooooooold and busted - and kinda sucked when you bought it, sadly. DVD Shrink is free. Use that instead. :slight_smile:

There have been postings saying that using ANYDVD with any of the DVDX line of software have caused some problems. If you really need to back it up try anydvd with any old software burner, like NERO or ROXIO’s stuff. ANYDVD will get rid of the protection, and NERO RECODE will let you compress it to fill just one 4.7gb disc