... I spoke with soon 8(

Still having problems with my BTC IDE1004… Two different types of media ProDisc and Ritek, both stated as being compatible, no go… F/W 43, Nero and DVD XCopy 1.something…

DVD’s I burn freeze, and skip in one of my DVD players (Daewoo) and give Disc Error in my Toshiba Changer…

However, friends burn stuff for me, same media, same players, all works fine, just whatever I burn with this thing fails…

I’ve had it to long to return it, so I’m kinda stuck… 8(

Any Ideas AT ALL??


So far the only media I have been able to get to even HALF work is the Fuji stuff that is like $1.50 per disk… I’ve tried:

ProDisc 2x - won’t work, starts to freeze and skip badly in Daewoo DVD Player and Toshiba spits it out saying Disc Error, burner itself skips when reading

Ritek G03 - Similar as above

Fuji - Works in Daewoo and Burner, Toshiba spits it out saying disc Error

2 friends burned things for me (on Ritek and Princo media) both work fine in all stand alone players I have, no problems.

Using F/W 43, DVD-X-Copy 3.2.0, went through the first AND second aid posts, I’m screwed! I don’t have the box anymore since there was a rebate and I had to cut it up, retailer won’t take it back, not sure about BTC, but now I can’t afford to buy a decent unit, so… I’m screwed…

Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of BTC and if I would have known the Micro Advantage burner I was buying was nothing more than a re-marked BTC I probably wouldn’t have bought it… Regardless, I got screwed, I’m smarter for it… I guess, but poorer at the same time…

Circuit City has a nice Lite-On 411S for like $89 after rebates, maybe I’ll try to talk wife into getting that one… Who knows…

Personally, I think it’s time for BTC to RECALL these drives, OBVIOUSLY there is something wrong. I look at the Lite-On forum and there are more people saying they are happy than upset, same with Plextor, I come here to the BTC forum and nothing but problem after problem, all pretty much the same.

Marco, if you have a decent bone in your body you would pass this along to HQ, WE the Endusers and Consumers are NOT happy with this drive, I have spent DAYS trying to get this working including formating my HD TWICE and purchasing extra software to try it on, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I’m sure there are others in the same boat as me, stuck with this drive, hell I paid $150 AFTER my rebate, so I’m in for a bit here…

Marco, please hear the pleads of the users, speak with HQ and demand a recall on these obviously defective units! Otherwise I will personally head up a class action suit, I’m sure there are enough people on this site alone, let alone dvdrhelp.com and others.

Thank you,



You’ve seen so many more problems on this forum simply because we sold so many more drives… The DRW1004 is outselling any other drive on the market, except maybe for the NEC 1300.

We’ve won awards in ComputerBild, PC Welt, PC Achat, etc. so the drive can’t be that bad (and no, we didn’t bribe the editors)

And sure enough, there are many media on the market that could produce compatibility problems, but as long as you stick to our media support list on our site, you shouldn’t have many problems.

Anyway, my advice:

  1. (not to be taken lightly) Take a break, take a milkshake, and relax for a while. I know how frustrating these problems can be, but its never worth it to raise your blood pressure over a stupid computer. Besides, I promise I’ll stick with you until the last problem is solved, just give me some time (and I don’t mean months/years, trust me). And you’re never too late, you’ve got a year’s warranty on the drive, so if we come to the conclusion that it’s really defective, you can always get a replacement.

  2. You’ve got friends with the exact same burner, software, etc. without problems ? Perfect ! In that case, ask them if you can place your burner in their machine and check if you still have the same problems. It will sure shed light on your problems and immediately you will know if your drive has a problem or if it’s a media problem.

  3. Leave V0043 firmware now, and wait for V0047 to come out next week.

  4. Remove your whole Nero, not only by de-installing it, by by removing the whole Ahead directory. Then, reinstall the whole thing.

  5. Then, after V0047 has come out, try again to burn 2 pcs. of each of the type of discs that you have, and make a screendump of the MID code and send it to support@btceurope.nl

BTC Europe Support


To be honest I bought this so I could use it, I have spent way to much time trying to get this to work, and suggesting I wait another week or so for the new firmware is not a reasonable solution… Also I HAVE stuck to the Supported Media List, Princo and Ritek are both on the list, both fail.

I purchased the Lite-On from Circuit City for $89 (after some rebates) and the thing works like a champ! I installed it, and installed the newest firmware of course, I burned movie after movie without a single coaster on the ReitekG03 discs that wouldn’t work in the BTC even though they are in the supported media list. The Princo still gave me a bit of a fit, but worked much better…

The Lite-On works amazingly well! All of the stand alone players recognize the burns and play them flawlessly.


I can appreciate what you are doing here, you offer loads of help, unfortunately you are trynig to support a unit that is flawed.