I set up a new computer - some questions now

Hi. I’ve bought new components because I decided to have two computers. Okay, I’m a big Intel fan, so I bought another Pentium, only this time 3,0 GHZ (the other one is 1,8), Abit IC7-G, Radeon 9550, WD 1600JD SATA disk and Audigy 2 soundcard.

Okay, I was checking some details and numbers about my new creature. I noticed that average CPU temperature is app. 57° C (~139° F - I’m not F’s much, sorry :() and the rotating rate of the cooling fan is app 2,7k rpm. Okay, I think that’s fair, right? The board temperature is somewhere 31° C and the aux (PSU I think) is about 45-50° C. Okay, I tested my machine a bit. I usuallly do test like running processes I use the most and sort of get my PC into moving. I decided to rip some of my audio CD to mp3 (128 kbits for higher compression and CPU usage) just to see, how fast it is and how this affects the CPU temperature. Okay, the ripping is very fast (app. 3 minutes for 50 minute audio piece) but the CPU temperature is going somewhere near 71° C, board is about 38 and AUX is going over 50°. I use SiSoft Sandra for monitor these things. I get those “warning” signs when the CPU temp. reaches 70 and aux reaches 50. I don’t know wheter to ignore this warning or not. I’m not familiar with 3,0 P4 because I own it for the first time so I don’t know what’s the normal temperature rate at 50 % CPU usage and so on. Can I expect the computer crash when the CPU usage would be 100 % if at 50 % of CPU usage the temperature goes to 71 and 72?

How high can tempreature go on P4 3,0 GHZ? How high would it really be at 100 % CPU usage. How to test that?
I have P4 Prescott with retail cooling fan and block. I’m very unsure about this … :frowning:

I think its normal for operating performance, although if you switch to a higher rpm/cfm output fan, your results might be better… check mine:

Download prime95 to stress your cpu to the max and record the temperature after about half an hour of the program running. Choose “torture test” and then “max heat” option:


Pentium 4s do run pretty hot…71 degrees is a little high (but within limits). To be on the safe side though, i’d look around for a better heatsink-fan. Being an AMD enthusiast i can’t recommend which one would be best, but i’m sure an intel fan-boy could! :wink:


Check my sig for my Swiftech model & fan.

I can recommend the Thermalright SP-94 for Socket 478 (P4) cooling.

Very efficiant at cooling P4’s :slight_smile:

Get Thermalright XP-90, newest offering and uses quieter and more efficient 90mm fan. And being a Thermalright, it’s way easier to clean than the ripped pins on Swiftech.

Review. HeatsinkFactory.com has it on “sale” today for $33. Don’t know how much they charge for S/H though. Bastards only use FedEx. SVC.com has it for $38 and they use USPS.

Hmh, I was thinking about Zalman CNPS7000B Cu or AlCu. Any comments?

I’d be inclined to go with Thermalright…they are undoubtedly the best. :iagree:

You’re lucky you don’t want to overclock with your 3.3v rail at 3.14v! :eek: I thought mine was low at 3.23v.

Mmmmmmm 'kay, let’s say I’ll go with Thermalrights … do I get just the cooling block or also the fan? If not, can I use th existing fan? This fan is damn noisy…

Guys, at what rpm do run your fans on P4? XT? Because mine on 2800 is loud as hell … I think it’s a serial mistake because it almost squeals.

I want something very good and some very quiet and damn fast fan on the market. :slight_smile:

:iagree: w/ Panaflo FBL09A12M 92mm fan (30dBA @2500rpm)

Why should I overclock it? It works fine. If it aint broke… well y aknow the rest.

Hey, guys. I have another issue.

My system crashed for the second time now. It goes like this: it stops responding and withing that second the sound repeats. I had music video on and it just stopped. This happened yesterday for the first time with exact symptoms.

I checked all plugged device if there’s one that’s plugged incorrectly. I am hoping that this problem is nothing serious or is just in the graphic or sound card. I am really not in the mood to change the motherboard since I have everything installed on it. Anyone has an idea how to check what’s wrong and why this is happening? This is not happening every once and hour or so. My uptime was up to 8 hours when this happened. And the cpu temperature was average (60° C).

I was thinking of swapping all devices and leaving just cpu and mb. I was thinking about changing the graphic card and the sound card with my old ones, which work flawlessly. This is the only way I can test these things I can recall.
Any ideas?

I wasn’t suggesting you should…it’s just me who can’t resist getting a bit more performance out of my pc. :wink:

Good idea to put in the old graphics / sound card just to eliminate them as the problem area. What power supply do you have?

Mercury 400W power supply.

That rating should be ok, a little on the low side perhaps. Could explain why pc freezes after a number of hours at full load. But then again any number of reasons could contribute to your pc locking up.

Test graphics / sound cards, get your new heatsink and fan, and if the problem still persists you could try upgrading the power supply. (500-600W would be fine)

Also you could try component testing software such as prime95 and memtest86. This software puts your cpu/memory under stress to make sure it is running error free. :slight_smile:

My PC wasn’t at full load … The CPU usage was somewhere 10 % all the time, maybe less.