I saw it but did not believe it

I fixed an old acer 3000 laptop that had a bad screen by replacing it for one of my grand daughter and it worked fine at my house but everytime they took it to there house it would come up the do a memory dump and restart. They would bring it to my house and it would work fine. Did this three times before I went to there house and seen it for myself. I then drove down the road a block and it worked fine. Ok now I have seen something that is just not possible. I then drove back to there house and down it went. So I figured it was either a stay signal from house power or the router. Sure enough as so as my son cut off his Engenius ESR750H router then it worked fine then he cut it on and it went to memory dump. I have not changed the internet card in it and going to go back to his house again… I have a linksys, Dlink, and asus routers working in my house and the laptop worked fine for them.

Well we tried another wireless card in the laptop same model card as original and same thing . The laptop will work fine until you push the button on the front to turn on wireless and it finds the Egenius router and connects to the internet then it restarts. Like I said it has no problem connecting to either one of my routers just the Engenius at my sons house.

Don’t know where you live but do a search for Linksys or Cisco wireless reconditioned router. I picked up one at Big Lots for $25USD.

The one my son own cost to much to replace working with company to figure our how this is happening. I think it might be the tx power adjustment this router has a default of 100 while most others are set 70 or lower will change and see it that is a fix.

Ok after 3 hours changing settings in the router at there house I figure it out. It was not the router at all it was the one thing on the laptop in xp that was for this router connection only. That was the reason it would work with all other routers. I found that turing of the wep security and having the router unsecured and it worked. The saved network connection for that router was causing it to reboot every time it connected to the router. I went into network connections delete the connection for this router then viewed the connections and found this router added the password. The new stored in xp conncection for this router worked every time.

WEP has been broken for a long time now, and it’s trivial to break the WEP passwords when snooping traffic.

WPA/WPA2 are the minimum requirement for keeping your network secure these days.

Update the network card drivers. Update the firmware on the router.

did all that it was just the network connection saved to the xp laptop that was causing the problem never seen the save network connection to cause a computer to restart as soon as it tried to connect. Wep is not that secure but when you live in areas like ours where there is not that many people then it is enough. I installed a new router at my daughters house today and see is so far from anyone I did not even add security. Some one would have to be in there driveway to pick up there signal there so far from anyone.