I saw a show on tv of a vacation home and would like to find a copy of the show

Newbie and stupid and need help,

I saw a show on tv of a vacation home and would like to find either a copy of the show or dvd of that house (since I would like to build a house similar to it).
I don’t know if it’s legal to do anything about it.
I went to the site and it was the Travel Channel. I found a page that tells of when it shows. It was all last year in June.
It looks like they don’t show it on the site or sell copies of any shows of the vacation homes.

****So what do I do. I would like a picture of the house and the floor plan to show to my architect to do something similar but with changes.
Is this possible? I could not find a contact number for them.
Not highly computer savvy so please know I’m not trying to be dumb/just am.

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Thank you

Unless someone happened to record that show, it will probably be difficult to find.

However, you could try contacting Travel Network and find out who made the show - I think they buy a lot of content from smaller companies who actually make the shows. They may be able to give you a contact name / number.

The other thing it to try a google search - any property developer who had their vacation properties shown on Travel Network would probably be advertising the fact on their web site. :iagree:
If you know where the property was do a search for Travel Network feature, vacation home, location and just mess about with the words to see if anything shows up.

I have tried everything. What you suggested.
Here is all the information I found on it.

Jun 30, 2006 @11:00 AM
network :: TRV
series :: Vacation Home Search
episode :: Napa, The Piper/Clarks
rating :: g
description :: A San Francisco couple looks for a vacation home in Napa Valley, where they enjoy daytripping to the quaint villages for gourmet food and wines with a European flair. They choose from retreats in Yountville and St. Helena.

Here’s website: http://travel.discovery.com/tvlistings/reminders.jsp?channel=TRV&addshow=A%2426%24200606301500%2420060630&x=153&y=7

Can’t find an address or travel phone number I must be slow…

Any other ideas or sites that might have a copy…

THANK YOU for anything. R

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