I Robot?



Is there a specific new copy protection scheme with this disk? I can not for the life of me play it at all on my pc. I get “no media present” message. It plays well on set top dvd players however. I am using Winxp home sp2 with 640 megs ram and Sony DRU 10A OEM drive.Thanks for any input you can provide. :a


I have the UK, 1 disk copy and had no such probs. Try downloading WinDVD and see what happends. Im pritty sure it has no new protection on it.



Thanks for the quick reply. I have WinDvd as well as other dvdplayers but the disk is not recognized. Even Windows explorer does not recognize it either so it must be my disk. Other dvds play normally.


Hmm maybe a duff disk? Can you try it in any other PC/dvd players?



Hi Guys, I’ll verify I’ve got the Aussie Region 4 and no probs here.


german version (Region 2) makes absolutely no troubles - plays / copies fine…


Ditto. I think that Digiti just has a dud disc.


No probs on US Region 1