I,Robot FACT warning

Hey guys,
I was watching my I,Robot DVD, and this warning came up. Does this mean that Im not legally allowed to back it up or even have AnyDVD running in the background?


It’s a very grey area right now. I seriously doubt you’ll have charges pressed against you if all you’re doing is making a backup. They’re trying to stop piraters, not backups.

I posted this a while ago on the quest, in the UK I think technicaly there is no clear law on it, so really I wouldnt worry.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. you are probably breaking the law by posting that screenshot of the DVD that is copyrighted

:eek: :iagree: :bigsmile: :wink: Im sure the mods wont mind that


Sorry Ben. The law in the UK (and in Oz) is quite clear. It’s illegal.

One of the rights of a copyright holder is the exclusive right to copy the work (subject only to exceptions expressly given in the licence or by law).

Needless to say, the licence does not give you a right to copy the movie. Neither does the law in the UK. Whilst there is a back-up exception for computer programs, there is no back-up exception for movies or music.

Of course, that’s not to say that anyone would ever be prosecuted if all they had done is make back-up copies of dvd movies that they’d bought. If such charges were made, in all likelihood, the Judge or Magistrate would dismiss the charges as trivial, grant a good behaviour bond or impose a trivial fine. However, that doesn’t make it legal.

Thanks for clarifying that. I thort that there was some world-wide law/thing saying that any1 can one make one back-up of there own optic media. Am I right? Also the last bit “Avoid the copy-protection system on this disc” does this mean I that I cant legally have AnyDVD open?


Then why do these forums allow a section devoted to the backing-up of DVDs as well as computer discs? If it’s explicitly illegal in so many areas of the world, should ways to copy the discs even be on here? :eek: :confused:

Fair enough.
I assumed becasue DVD X Copy was sold openly on the high street, and police where not arresting shop owners it would still be legal (or at least a gray area or no law about it).

Ben :slight_smile:

It is a grey area…simply because any laws that do currently exist aren’t being enforced.

Spot on at least insofar as copying for personal back-up reasons is concerned.

However, the fact that a law generally isn’t enforced isn’t a defence if the authorities do decide to prosecute (though, of course, it will reduce any penalty).

As for why we permit dvd copying discussion here, well it’s perfectly legal for back-up purposes in many countries in including Holland (and Dutch law is the law that applies to this forum since that’s where the forum and its servers are based.)

What’s legal and what isn’t varies from country to country. For example, it’s perfectly legal to make a back-up copy of a movie Dvd that you own in the US. However, you’re not allowed to bypass or strip any digital encryption to do so (which, of course, makes using AnyDVD, Dvd Decrypter or any other CSS stripper illegal in the US).

The effect of that is that the fair use “right” to make a back-up copy of a movie Dvd that exists in the US is essentially useless. In effect, it’s only use is for unprotected dvds and there aren’t too many of those about.

As in DVDJohn case in Norway making backups of the media you own is legal.

In France, a recent judgement (march 9th) opposing a p2p user to the hollywood majors found the copier of 488 movies simply not guitly. This judgement was already a call and it’s still possible that a higher court (cassation) breaks the ruling for procedure reasons.

http://www.multimedialaune.net/index.php?action=article&id_article=129294 (French)