I,Robot & DVDFab

Every time i try to copy I Robot it causes DVDFab to shut down. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong??

Tell us more, please.

Is it a new release :confused:

I think it’s a few years old. With Will Smith?
What version of Fab are you using.

And do you get any error codes or the email popup?

I have DVD Fab Platinum ver. The movie will not analyze and the box pops up saying DVD Fab Crashed. Then when I hit ok on the crash window DVD Fab closes down. It’s the only movie I have trouble with. Thanks

Ron said the movie is few years old, Please check and see if it is scratched or dirty, this could be the reason DVDFab can’t analyze it because of a scratch.
May want to also try using DVD Shrink and see if Shrink can open and analyze it


It is the exact same thing I had with The Patriot W/Mel Gibson.
Was Not scratched, Ran through Shrink and it analyzed fine.
Started with Auto Run and Web Link Box that you need to exit to watch movie.
Decryption Status was…EE:73:43:3C:AF

I guess this was the problem no reply back from [B]anitapres[/B] :cool:

I got around the problem by leaving it on the Full Disc screen, picked ISO as the target touched nothing else. Clicked on start. Closed Fab after the copy completed. Opened Fab back up, Left screen alone again, picked the ISO as source and Fab temp folder from the drop down box as target, and clicked on start and nothing else. After that completed I closed down Fab and used ICopyDVDs2 to copy and burn. Worked Fine for me. It may work with other burn software.
The problem may have been that the movie had a web link at the start that needed to be exited to view the movie.

Sorry i didn’t reply. The movie disc has no scratches. The Dvd shrink did work. Thanks for the info.

Strange DVD Shrink was able to read it and DVDFab could not :confused:
after you used shrink did you by chance retry DVDFab :confused:

No I didn’t. I never even thought to do that.

After shrink opened it did you save it to your HD :confused:
If so can DVDFab open or read it as a source :confused: