I removed my swapfile

Well I heard a lot of differend opinions & the reason I tried it is because I only have 2 hard drives and 3 would be optimal one for O.S one for swap file and one for games/cache files such as a place for your burning program to use for the temp/perm file. I’ve come to this conclusion when I burnes a bunch of dvd’s some from an imagefile on my O.S. drive some from the drive with my swapfile (FDifferent physical drive of course or you defeat the purpose) and some from a seperate HDD without anything except stationary files. Keep in mind that a HDD only has one head so for optimum speed you only want to make it do one thing at a time. I got 20x speeds no problem with minimal buffer activity from the iso’s on a drive bu it self where the HDD could concentrate on only that. I put my games on my drive with my cache files because they don’t have to be accessed unless I tell them to. So one physical drive w/2 partitions one for O.S. the other partition for storage-non movement the other physical 2 partitions one for cache files-non movement unless I do a burn or say so the other partition for games (High powered games) and non movement unless I play the game. I have been runninh w/out pagefile for 3 days now no problems faster burns and faster runnunbg game-OBLIVION.

If I encounter any problems I will post here. Any comments are welcome too again this is an experiment for me trying to optimize my computer for speed/gameplaying with only 2 physical Hdd’s running IDE- UDMA Mode 5.