I reinstalled win2k

i reinstalled win2k but i cannot go on the internet. it seems that the network conections are gone. im not quite sure of the problein but i know that there is something wrong because when i try to turn on microsoft word it has an error

"works task launcher cannot install the neccessary files to your computer’s hard drive. there may be problems with your computer’s hard drive. you can try reinstalling Works

works cannot complete the task. try restarting windows or reinstalling Works"

can someone diagnose the problem please…is there something that i can run to find out the problem?

note: it seems that every program is running fine even powerpoint, frontpage and all that microsoft work apps…cept for word

this may be a very important detail…i right click on MY Computer and go to properties…after i do that i see SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 2000 and 5.00.2195

there is no service pack 2 or anything…

firstly, did you install 2k over 2k? or did you boot from the 2k cd and format the hard drive first? if you simply reinstalled it over itself expect plenty of problems, if you want my advice back up all your important files then boot from the 2k cd and get it formatted first.

Wipe the hard drive and reload W2K. Add a FIREWALL then connect to the internet. If you cannot access the internet at this stage, then you have a hardware issue.

or his network card drivers arent installed

dammit i installed win2k over win2k…there was no repair option

how do i get it formatted?

this means i have to reinstall all my software right?

Before you reformat/re-install windows try the following. Go into tools in explorer then select internet options followed by connections. Select lan settings and if use a proxy server is ticked then untick and try
accessing the internet again.


omg…im so frustrated now, on that link you gave me and that image that says 1.2

how the hell did that pop up…if i had a screen like that i wouldnt have gotten into this mess…is so stupid :frowning:

all i had was install win2k and another one that said clean install win2k

are you using a full windows 2k cd or is it some sort of restore disc, often given out with HP or Dell machines etc?

it was a full windows 2000 pro disk

i’ve decided to upgrade to xp…should i do a clean install?

is there a difference between clean install and reformatting a HD…both deletes everthing right?

Clean Install includes a format so you are correct.

i have a P4 1.4 GHZ computer with 640 RAMBUS ram…

do you think i should clean reinstall with Win XP?

also can anybody please tell me what is this RAMBUS ram…it was really expensive…$200 for 512 MB

Your choice with which version of windows you want, Yes do a clean install, but back up your important stuff. As for Rambus ram, when Intel first intoduced the 423 pin P4 they used this ram at 100 mhz quad pumped to 400 mhz or 4 channels 100 mhz each, The Ram is/was very expensive and is becoming obsolete with newer faster DDR ram

o…ok thanks for clearing that up