I recommend errors DVD

hi, am I a neophyte, 712A and a Benq DW I have a Plextor 1650 I have made a copy of a game on DVD and do I post you the figure that has given me cd-dvd speed of Nero 7, can tell me if và well or no? done with Blindwrite Suite last version
x vedere http://img331.imageshack.us/img331/336/benqdvddddw1650bcdc05may200618.jpg

Can you post the entire pic? This is really difficult to read.

Press the little floppy button on the right high corner of cd-dvd speed, and save as PNG.

with this he/she is seen better? excuse me

Yes, this is better.

Attached pic was too little.

This scan seems good to me.
Edit: If I’m not wrong, you’re Italian, so maybe you can be interested to read this :iagree: