I recently purchased a Sony DVD RW DW-Q30A but its having really slow reading speeds

is there a solution or whats the cause to this.

i looked over sony’s site but i cant find DW-Q30A, whats wrong?

please help me out thanks

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You need to give us some more information. Please see this announcement: :wink:

currently both my dvd-rom drive (slave) and dvd-rw(master) are on the secondary IDE channel.

My problem is that my dvd-rw can barely read cds and its new, even the old dvd-rom can read faster than the dvd-rw.

can anyone help me out

i cant find any information about the Sony DW-Q30A on sony’s site or anywhere else, no firmware at all. thanks for your time.

Disconnect the DVD-ROM to start with, then get Nero CD-DVD Speed and do a transfer rate test on a known good CD. Post back with the result:

Also check you DMA setting for the drive using Nero Infotool.

ok i have disconnected dvd-rom and did the transfer rate test as u told

here is my results.

please help thanks

CD read times is about half what can be expected with the drive - as the 1635s is a 48x rated unit. Any scans of a commercially pressed DVD?

Hmm, what sort of disc was that. CD-R should read at 40x (Turbo boost enables 48x). Was that a CD-RW?

The DW-Q30A is a Sony OEM drive. Sony provides no support for OEM drives, only a warranty to the seller. Usually very few firmware updates are provided. This drive is very new and is based on the Liteon 1635S.

so its based on the liteon 1635S, is there anything that can be done?

About what?

Can update the firmware with a Lite-On 1635s and call it a LiteOn rather than Sony!

Yes you can by using the firmware on my site but make sure you backup your firmware first with LtnFW (see the FAQ). :wink: Note - this will void your warranty.

Edit: I notice I haven’t updated my site with the latest version. I’ll do that now…

You didn’t answer my post above, about the disc type…

Oh im pretty sure i used a Guild Wars cd.

Hey CodeKing is it possible if u give me a step by step guide on how to update with Lite-On 1965S(i just downloaded YS0N off your site), im really confused since im new to this kind of stuff that’ll be really appreciated

thanks alot =]


1/ Run LtnFW
2/ Select backup and enter a filename *.bin
3/ Click start and wait until finished
4/ Unpack the YS0N firmware file
5/ Run the enclosed EXE file
6/ Select your drive in the list
7/ Click update and wait until finished
8/ Select reboot

That should be it… :slight_smile:

ok i did what u said, and made it to that firmware, but it didn’t help at all.

and now im wondering how i can go back to my original firmware, i did make that backup thing as u said but i cant seem to load it back…help please

What is guild wars? Video? if so maybe a VideoCD? Then that may be the reason why it reads slow.

I ha no problems reading at 48x in my review at least.

StrikerX2, you need to learn to provide more information. :wink: I know that Guild Wars is a game but is it a pressed CD that you purchased, or is it a copy, in which case, is it on a CD-R or a CD-RW? When you say it’s still the same what do you mean by this? Explain exactly what you are doing and what the drive is doing and what software you are using?

To revert to your original firmware:
1/ Run LtnFW
2/ Select your drive in the list
3/ Select the Update and Update Boot Code options
4/ Click the browse button and locate your backup bin file
5/ Click the Start button
6/ Wait until finished
7/ Reboot your system

Edit: Can you please send me a copy of your backed up firmware. My contact details are on my site. Also if the above doesn’t work, I can provide you with an EXE flasher of you firmware (the same one that YS0N used). :wink:

yea the above didnt work i dont know why…is it possible if u send me an EXE flasher that reverts it back to DW-Q30A? thank you.

ok, i used Guild WArs or any other cd in both my DVD RW drive and DVD-ROM drive but DVD-RW doesnt seem to read or skips alot, but my DVD-ROM reads them just fine.

I can only do it if you send me your backup BIN file of YYS1, as I don’t have it. :wink: See the contact us page on my site.