I realy need help from someone good on a pc?

i have downloaded a game and its come with theese instruction i dont know what to do because im not good on computers but can any one help me :confused: the instructions are…

  1. Uncompress the whole stuff into to your ROOT directory.
  2. Add ff7.reg to the registry (double click/yes).
  3. Change the label of your drive to “ff7disc1”, “ff7disc2” or “ff7disc3”, whichever disc you’re playing on.
  4. Run Ff7config.exe and configure. (adding ff7.reg again resets these settings)
  5. Run Ff7.exe and enjoy the greatest game ever made!


  • You will need msmpeg4 and windows media audio codecs to play the videos. Right click on codecs\M$MPEG4.inf and select “Install”.

  • If you uncompress onto an other drive than C, also edit the ff7.reg accordingly.

  • Under Windows 2000 and XP you won’t be able to pass the chocobo races due to the incompatibility of the game and the OS.

  • If your video card supports it, don’t forget to turn on FSAA 2x2.

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Buy the game next time…

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