I really want to backup!

This is what I have

Slim PS2
Plenty of blank DVDs
Gameshark 2 PS2

Help! :a

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So the game you want to back up is GameShark 2 is it a dvd or cd, and what version PS2 do you have?

This is what I have

Slim PS2
Plenty of blank DVDs
Gameshark 2 PS2


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So you want to copy Gameshark 2 for the PS2 is a cd or dvd, and what verion of PS2 do you have?

no, I have GameShark2, which is supposed to be able to boot backups?

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Ok so, what game do you want to copy? or do you want to copy the GameShark2 cd?

I can copy and do eveything, but how can I boot the Backup Game with GS2?

If the PS2 game is a dvd then it might have a copy protection on but it if its a cd probelbely it wont have a copy protection, use Alcohol 120% to copy the PS2 game and use the dayatype PS2, but the only way to get the back up to work it to have a flip lid on your PS2.

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Thanks Da_Taxman, and no solution yet :frowning:

Tell me exictely what you want to do.


I want to backup a PS2 game, which I have done 110% Perfect, I have a SLIM PS2 SCPH-70004 and I got GameShark 2, I read that it is possible to use Gameshark 2 to Boot a Backup, How is this possible?

You will have to have to buy a Slim Kit Pro 3.6 kit from http://www.modchip.com/ps2/v12slimkit.php and that will let you play your PS2 backup’s.

:frowning: PLEASE tell me theres a better solution, Can I use a Swap Trick patch on the backup? So can I trick GS2 to booting the game?


:frowning: c’mon, can anyone else help?!

all i can say…since its been going around…in order to play back up games on consoles…you gottah have it modded…sorry