I really need some thermal paste!



If you have any, I’ll trade it for some titles from my list. (http://merdalor.cjb.net)
I really need to cool my Voodoo3 2000 more effectively (now doing 175, going for more)


Get it at your local radioshack!


koop het bij een electronica winkeltje in de buurt, is maar een paar gulden…


Yo, Merdalor. Still haven’t found your thermal paste eh.

I’ll get you some this weekend. We did some trades some time ago, so i probably still have you adres somewhere. You might not remeber me (Under this name…), but i had to tighten my security…

I’ll send it to you this weekend. I’ll mail you…


pSyChO dAd

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ok, thanks man, really needed that.
I live in this shithole where there is no “electronicawinkeltje”. Does anybody know a good shop in Brussels? (Brussels isn’t the shithole I mentioned, but it’s the closest “not-so-shithole” there is)