I really need some help with my dvd rw

I have a Compaq Presario CQ 50. Now the issue I’m having is that about a week ago my dvd rw AD 7560S ATA bit the dirt but it isn’t the hardware. At first I believed it may be virus related but all virus scanning software I have didn’t find anything. Not being able to locate a driver online or any information about this specific drive I was kinda lost and just re-installed from my partition back to factory condition. Now this helped for about, eh, a day then it would happen again. I’ve had to re-install windows 3 times thus far and it continues to happen. Now uninstalling the driver from device manager doesn’t help because it doesn’t won’t re-install the driver. The Specific thing it states is “Device driver software was not successfully installed”. It also asks me to consult the device manufacturer but that is next to impossible. There is no way of contacting anyone from that company. I’ve spent hours trying to locate even an email support line but there aren’t any. I’ve also searched online for a new driver pack but that as well doesn’t exist. Can anyone help me with this problem? I’m on my last leg with this thing, the driver software should have some kind of patch or replacment.

This is just a wild guess, but since you tried reinstall already, I would pull the drive out and plug it back in again. It is possible that some connection is not 100%.

Assuming all parts are original to the PC, you could check the Compaq site for the drivers.