I Really Need Help With This Problem

I convert my video in Ulead NTSC 720x480 4:3 and when i Recorded on a dvd and play it on my two dvd players in differente TV …and in the XBOX i get the same results… the image seems to dissapear at the bottom and on the sides… like the image is two long or something… i really need…help cause i thought 720x480 MPEG NTSC was good…i dont know why im getting this problem…

the image seems to stretch …can anyone helppp…me

Try exporting to 704x480 perhaps? or maintaining the original resolution of the source file? What is the original resolution, by the way, and what version of the Ulead software are you using?

I choose to have it NOT re-encode already MPEG-2 compliant files.

hi im using Ulead Videostudio 9.0 it doesn’t give me options for 704x480… is a project so the original resolution is the one ulead gives me… after that i just make the VOB files…but same problem…

hope u can help me with this…i have 3 days already and many DVDs recorded with the same problem… i dont know what else to do…

First, you may want to try using a DVD-RW or +RW so you don’t waste DVD-R/+R disks. You can format the RW between uses, I believe.

Next, where is the source video coming from? Are you capturing it with VS9? Or are you taking pre-captured video and trying to make a DVD out of it?

No i just started a project…on Ulead…with pictures,videos from my webcam, etc…videos come out alright and pictures…is just 2 pictures that its length and width is too big on screen…and the titles at the bottom made with Videostudio…also dissapear a little bit…some how…now im recording it with Nero…but i think ill have same results…because i tried TMPGENC DVD Author, VSO …same results…

videos from my digital camera… sorry i put webcam jejeje

Have you tried resizing those 2 images to another size? Something like 640x480?

As for the titles, I find that if I simply locate them higher when I’m editing the DVD menus, that seems to help. I use DVD Movie Factory 5, which allows me to easily click on those and move them up a bit if I wish to so I don’t leave the “Safe Zone”.

You should be able to find details in the PROPERTIES dialogs for your clips and such, I would think. That way you can find your target resolution and try to ensure everything pretty much matches that.

Sometimes, with wide panorama type images, I will reduce them in an image editor (Like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or even IrfanView) so that they are centered in a 640x480 image. Some have borders on the top and bottom but at least they fit properly and are of the 4:3 ratio.

Hope you can take the time to research it and get it figured out. It’s fun when things finally come together the right way.

Good luck.

can that be the problem? cause one of the images that have this problem is 352x240

If only those two images are the ones that do not appear properly, it might be.

352x240 scaled up proportionally = 704x480. If the rest of your clips are 720x480, then they would not match.

I’m just guessing here really. Trial and error could be the best way to go about it.

For example, try removing those 2 images from the project and see if the finished DVD plays properly. Try resizing them and leaving them in and see what happens. It can be helpful to isolate the problem as much as possible.

Thank goodness for Re-Writeables. :slight_smile: