I really need help with my ltn 526d



I have a cd-rw drive and a cd-rom drive.

The Liteon cd-rom 526D does not have any firmware updates. I can put a cd in. It sounds like a car trying to turn over. It tries a few times and around the fourth time it works. Whenever I put it a cd-r into it(memorex), it does not recognize it.

I run Nero Info Tool and it finds the rw drive fine and dandy. Then It starts to look for the other one and doesn’t progress anymore. The led light turns green and then whirrs off and on. The sits there whirring and not going anywhere.

The whirring sounds too quiet compared to what it used to. It seems like it doesn’t have enough juice. I have a 350 watt power supply and only one harddrive so I think im fine in that department.

I have no idea what to do. DMA is on for both drives if available. Fully updated firmware. Nero Info Tool freezes half way through. Can somebody help?

The exact models are:

Lite-on LTR 32123S
Lite-on LTN 526D