I read the clone dvd faq but.......two questions



ok, how can you select the speed at which clone writes a disc? my failure rate increses slightly if i am using 8x discs at 8x (meaning when I play them on a standalone) I recently went to best buy and got a spindle of verbatim 16x, the ones that were just on sale for 19.99. I dont think my csom 1633 liteon will burn at 16x, but I dont want to burn them at 12x, because when I go above 4x on good media 1 out of 10 wont play, on bad media (lol) 9 out of ten dont play, I like dvd clone alot but its harder to understand how to take out subs and certain unwanted audio features. I generaly burn the whole disc minus subs and any audio track that is a dupe in another format. can you set the booktype to DVD rom in clone as a default? if you back up the new simpsons season six in clone it de-selects the wrong audio track and you only get the episodes with the commentary, a heads up cause I wasted a disc. Good thing I decided to check it before doing the other discs!!! anyway any help would be appriciated. the links in the clone faqs (the ones that say “source” dont work for me.


On the output method screen there is a dropdown box on the right above the DVD Writer box that lets you select the write speed. (called preferred speed)


We all had to take a chance that we would remove the wrong audio track, after a while you will be a natural.

You might want to get the latest firmware here:


And if you get the bitsetting tool here:

All your +Rs will be set to ROM.

I wouldn’t waste your money on 16X media if you are burning at lower speeds. You might try Burnmaster +R TY 8X from allmediaoutlet. They are very high quality and, while I am not sure about your 1633, they are superb on my 1693.