I ran a comand promt i have no ides how to undo what it did. rmdir c:\ /S /Q

i ran a comand promt i have no ides how to undo what it did. rmdir c:\ /S /Q

any help please

UNDELETE c:\ /all or UNDELETE c:\ ./all

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The command you listed will delete everything on your C: drive that isn’t protected from deletion.

If you have the System Restore function enabled for your C: drive in Windows XP (or Windows Me) and if you’re very lucky, then you might be able to salvage your system by using System Restore to return to the latest checkpoint. You may have to restart your computer in Safe mode (press F8 while booting) in order for this to work, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get all your files back.

If that doesn’t work you probably have to restore your system from a backup (if you have any), use a Recover CD that might have been bundled with your pc, or just install everything from scratch.

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i was able to do a system restore but none of my files came back. How do i put in that undelete comand.

when i saw it accessing system files i stoped the comand

The command is done from the dos prompt. If you have a system disk, boot from that, it contains basic dos commands.

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it keeps saying not recognized i am putting it in after this C:\documnets and Settings

Please enter HELP on the prompt.

This will help you to understand basic DOS commands.

documents and settings #1 has spaces and #2 is far too long. i forget how many letters is the limit for DOS, but it’s going to be someting like 8 letters then “~1”

if you’re not familiar with DOS why were you running DOS commands in the first place? I’m not trying to be facetious or rude or anything, but you really should make sure you know what you’re doing before running anything form a comman prompt. many times the actions are permanent with no “shit! I screwed up! HELP!” button like windows has when you do something wrong.

haha good luck getting your stuff back.

as has already been recommended the “help” command in dos is pretty helpful.

Just 8 letters plus the dot and file extension.