I only want Linux if it supports 3d accelerated right from the start


Over the years i have installed , tested and tried lots of Linux distro’s. I’ve tried Mandrake , Red Hat , Fedora , SuSe , Evil Entity , Gentoo and some others.


NONE of them have 3d accellerated drivers installed from the start. Yes , i mean NONE of them. Not even Evil Entity.

Nvidia ?

Sure… nVidia supports Linux by adding some weird binary driver , but after that I still have to edit X.

Just a little editing !

Now , i’m not a total Linux n00b , but i have had my share of editing config files when i had MS-Dos on my machine ten years ago. I don’t have the interest, time and effort to edit core system files anymore. I don’t want to do it. Someone write me a automated system.


Give me an ISO , I’ll write it to a cd/dvd and i want to install the Operating System. Just like Microsoft operating systems. The OS detects my hardware and either asks for drivers or installs native drivers. If Microsoft can do it , why can’t the Open Source people ? What’s the big deal here ? Why can’t nVidia ?

If i install Linux , my videocard gets detected and they install a moronic non-3d native driver. WTF ? I have this videocard capable of doing 100 frames per second , but when i start Tux Racer , i get one frame per second. What’s the deal here ?

If i pop in a game in my xbox or pc , i want to play the game ! I don’t want to edit some config file , download some binary file , compile a kernel or hack my way through executables that aren’t even executable from the start.

Linux is more than just 3d stuff and games

Sure , linux can do a lot more than just 3d stuff and games. So can my Windows 98 machine. I use a freeware 187 kb webserver program on Win98. No fancy config files , no weird setup , just click and install. Who needs Apache ? Not me.

Open Office ? I can do that on my Windows 98 machine as well.

Writing dvd’s and cd’s ? Writing dvds in linux ? Have you seen CloneCd for linux yet ? Go away. All i need is Windows 98 , Nero and CloneCD.

But it’s free !

Uhuh… and what about that time and effort you have to put in before you get your system just the way you want it ? That’s free too ? Unfortunately i don’t have much time. If i can use an OS that costs $100 and needs 16 hours of config work , i sure will not use a OS that costs $0 , but needs several weeks to get it running.

Till then , Linux is not welcome anymore on any of my desktop computers. I’ll only use it for servers and firewalls.

Bad day at work i presume Mr B? :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

Seriously now though, i have tried using Linux myself before and this fact was always the decisive factor that lead me to format/fdisk every single time - couldnt play any games :frowning: (plus some modem recognition problems)

Originally posted by Hemispasm
Bad day at work i presume Mr B? :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:

Not really. I just wanted to explain why Linux isn’t going to be any good for consumers till they solve these issues.

I’ve always said that Linux is “Not ready for prime time”.

Originally posted by Nemesys
I’ve always said that Linux is “Not ready for prime time”.

I think the problem isn’t so much that it’s not ready for prime time…I think it’s more a problem of what we consider “prime time”.

Granted I’m inclined to agree with Mr B, that as an “outta the box os”…For a personal desktop, unless you have a very special need, an enthusiast, or just into pain…this is not the way to go. Personally, not to the extent of Linux, but have had similar probs wiht Win2k Pro, and XP Pro. I keep finding myself returning to 98se each time.

Just my 2 cents…:slight_smile:

you think thats bad, try and get the right audio drivers working :p.