I only have have sound, no video

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i have a 2fast2furious the movie on AVI file, i used nero’s “make your own dvd video” when it successfully burned, i played into my DVD player and i only got sound and no video…where did i go wrong

ps i have NEC 3500a DVD RW and memorex 8x DVD -R and used Nero



I believe you need to recode .avi to a dvd format that can be read by a normal player, and not just burn .avi files to a dvd disc. Were you using Nero Vision Express? I am not familiar with that program, but I think it is the one to use.

DVD Santa will also work to convert an avi into a readable dvd, or so i’ve heard. Never use the program but my husband does to burn and watch his anime.


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i have .avi and .wmv files and i want to burn them on my DVD -Rs on my NEC 3500a using Nero 6, how exactly do i do that and play them on my DVD player on the big screen


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Go to Nero and DL ‘to create a basic DVD movie’. Thanks for more info but please don’t double-post :cop:, posting this question in your other thread would have been just fine :iagree:

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