I/OMagic IDVD16DD DVD Writer Won't Read DVDRWs

My I/OMagic IDVD16DD DVD Writer won’t read DVD ±RWs. I try to format them and the media isn’t even recognized.

Based on other recommendations, I have uninstalled Nero’s InCD.

I’d buy another drive if I thought that would solve the problem. Or upgrade to Nero 7 since I hear the Nero OEM version (which I have) has a problem recognizing a lot of media. Any ideas? I don’t want to needlessly throw money at this problem.


Hello and welcome to CDF,

I don’t think that your problem is software related, rather I think that your burner has a problem with recognising the media. To see if this is your problem I would like to have a bit more information.

[ul][li]Which firmware is installed on your burner?
[/li][li]Which media are you using (media code)?


The firmware version is A190.

How can I get the media code if the drive won’t even recognize the disks?

For a long time I’ve been living with impression this drive was a rebadged BenQ 1620 Link

Geezzz, I was wrong…heh he. :smiley:

The firmware updates I do are all “A” series - no “B” or “Q.” So this probably isn’t a rebadged BenQ 1620, right?

Any ideas on how to fix my problem? I’m beginning to think that I should replace the drive with a name brand like HP or Plextor.


If you are new in DVDRW drives business the best is to try some other media, to start with. :wink: