Is it true that my i/o magic is rebadged as the benq 1620?
And i upgraded frimware from G7C9 to G7Z9 not a problem things still work. Now iwant to upgrade to the newest ones which is BtW9 or the B7V9 . But when i try i get this Error
B7W9>>The drive is not allowed to be updated
B7Z9>>Invalid Firmware version
Can i not upgrade to the B versions
Thamks for replies this drive is about a year old works great but i bought some cheap media and it dont like thought maybey a upgrade would help

Yes, your drive is an OEM 1620. Use Quikee’s BQFlasher to flash to B7*9.

I feel great today as i just purchased a Benq 1620 traded my I/OmagicIdvd16DD in for it. Didnt cost me a dime
Tx KTL you sent me right in the exact direction and it works Flawlessly Tx quikee for the awesome software. And now i can actually burn and read media on this crappy media i bought the other day (only made 5 coasters before flashing it)
Office Depot Brand 16xDVD-R> 100 for 37.00$ plus you get a free 128MB USB flashdrive
Tx again All of you here and especially KTL and Quikee

Glad to hear all worked out for you. :slight_smile: