I/OMagic 8x drive

I picked up an I/O Magic 8x dvd drive at Staples yesterday for $50 after $30 rebate. Not the best drive ever, but a great deal for a dvd recorder for the price of a combo drive. I identified the drive as a BTC 1008; apparently Optorite is the other one that gets put in the box. A decent price for those of us just getting into this. Mine said “f0054” referring to the firmware revision. Installed w/o any problem so far.

Any comments on this drive? Are they any good? What other (better) models would you suggest in this price range? Thank you.

So far the drive is good. It installed ok in my SFF Shuttle computer. No issues with the nVidia ide drivers- one potential issue I was concerned with. Burned a cd at full speed w/o any issue (eWorks 48x- ussually the most problems int eh collection). Played dvd fine. Includes Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.1. The drive is fully reviewed on cdrinfo.com and cdrlabs.com. I don’t have any media to test it with, other than the included Verbatim 2.4x +rw disc. It burned to that with no problem. Seems very good so far, for the price of a combo it doesn’t have to ne perfect. Be aware only 4x on writing dvd-r. I am working on a full review for epinions of the hardware. Also, I will post relevant pictures hopefully by the end of the week.

I posted the pictures and the link to my full review in the BTC subforum.
review link
Enjoy! I’ll update it as new issues arise.

Just a little question… How do you knw it’s a BTC drive?

[B]This drive sucks,I have 2 LG’s 1-is GSA-4081A and a1-GSA-4082A,I also have a NEC-2510A,and this is the best DVD burner ther is right now,the I/OMAGIC was the first drive I bought and wasted about $100.00 on DVD-R’s of all kinds.
I have a small buisness L&G ComputerSystems out of WV,so I have a little bite of expeince in this subject.
sorry about the spelling,can’nt spell but ask me any thing about AMD or P4 SYS.

Buy the way will any one tell me if the LG,GSA 4081B or ‘’’’’'82B can burn buel layer.