I often get this single C2 error spike on a CD-R burn

Hi there,

when burning CD-R’s, I sometimes get a single C2 error at about the “middle” of th disc - usually between 25 and 40 minutes of an 80 minute CD-R. The Kprobe scan below shows a typical example. It’s always just such a single C2 error, the rest of the burn appears to be fine, including tolerable C1 levels.

It happens on roughly half the Verbatim Datalife Plus discs I use. It rarely happens with Taiyo Yuden CD’s, but I did have one case out of ten, so it seems to be something occuring regardless of the media used, not only with the Verbatims. I’m using a Liteon SOHC-5236V drive with the latest firmware. I’m usually burning the CD-R’s at 36x speed, which is well below their rating. The C2 spike seems to appear (or not to appear) regardless of burn speed, however.

Does anybody have an idea what could be causing this single C2 error spike? Is it the drive, the media, something wrong with my system? What could it be?