I/O magic POS problems

yeah i know its a pos. lol. I/O magic DVDRW8x. just recently the drive stopped burning at 8x and will onyl burn at 4x. UDMA2 mode is being used, didnt revert to PIO. Device buffer has stopped going to 100% and will only got to 79%. burned about 100dvds fine before this problem using memorex 8x and verbatim 8x media.
tried sony8x, memorex8x, and verbatim8x now and discs will always skip when being watched. im using DVDdecryptor and Nero and both encounter the same buffer and write problems. discs burn and finalize with no errors btu skip horribly when being watched. both progrAms are set to writing at maxiumum speed.
AMD3500+ Asus A8V deluxe. 1 gig Samsung TCCD (just changed recently from known good mem to this known good mem with no help to this problem).
unable to update firmware as nero infotool and dvdinfoprr are unable to give me a serialnumber on the drive.
any ideas?

Time to clean the lens/drive maybe…

Hey, chef … what do you recommend is the best method for doing that? I’ve got so much dust in this room, I wonder if that may be an issue for me down the road. Didn’t even know it was possible to get in there to access the lens.

Easiest method would be to use a (dry) disc-cleaner, either for “CD” or “DVD”.

A tip here: http://www.llamma.com/xbox/Repairs/cleaning_your_dvd_drive.htm

Professional: Q-tips and Isopropanol.


taken out and fully cleaned. same problem still exists (in fact drive was hardly dirty at all). nwo when i start the burning process the buffers will ‘load’ and my reg buffer loads to 100% and my device buffer loads right to 79%. it should load to 100% then use the memory as needed. i.e. loads to 100% then decreases to 79% is not what is happening. it loads to 79% and will burn at 79% and uses memory as needed and the drive will only burn up to 4.0x exactly… not 8.0x like it used to. (i think the speed is where my skip comes from… not sposed to burn at 4x on 8x dvds correct?)
if it will help i will give a nero info tool listing.