I/O Magic Lightscribe DVD

Anyone know what I/O magic is using in their DVD Lightscribe drive. I have a NEC 3520 but I want a drive to use in an external enclosure just for the Lightscribe. Right now CompUSA has the I/O magic lightscribe internal for $59.99 after a $20 MI rebate Any comments welcome.


From what I could tell by the drive I installed, a I/O Magic IDVD16DLS, it is a rebadged BenQ. What model I’m not sure, but I will attempt to find out.

The early drives are usually Benq 1625’s, later ones are 1655 drives, but not all of them. Some have also been LiteOns and HP, so check the box before you leave or have them open it for you. The ones that have the 8x dl red circle on the box have a very good chance of being a 1655, mine was, most are.

I got unlucky (I guess) and got a 1625. Flashed with the 1625’s firmware and now have a genuine BenQ. Still better than the drive I replaced and sold (A Microadvantage DL, bought cheap) that was mainly used as a read drive and served it’s purpose. My Lite-on is now designated for this.

I bought one of these a 2-3 weeks ago the actual I/O model is IDVD16DLS and it is a BenQ DW1655. There are several other threads/posts in the BenQ drive forum about these. Also, just flashed the firmware to the updated BenQ version to make it a “real” BenQ.

The one I bought had been opened so I was able to verify the actual model first. This also means that someone did not want the BenQ :doh:

Also from other BenQ threads, some of the CompUSA drives that say
“mfg. DW1640” are just that…a BenQ 1640. But they are about $80 and only have a 90 day warranty.

hope that helped.

If you have the “real” Benq 1655 from I/O Magic, you can flash it from the GCAB version to a true Benq DW-1655 using BQFlasher (Thanx Quikee :clap: ) and the BCDB firmware available here Benq BCDB. Don’t try to flash with just the BCDB executable. It won’t work. Good luck!


If you are referencing my post, then yes, I used BQFlasher etc. It does show as a 1655 in the hardware now. And most importantly…so far…cd/dvd speed runs at “normal” scan speeds and not at 0.5X or slower.