I/O Magic IDVDRW8D (BTC 1108IM) flash gone bad?

I just got a good deal on I/O Magic IDVDRW8D and since it was MFG’d on 11/2003 I knew it would need a firmware flash.

So I got the correct firmware and went to flash the drive and as soon as I started the flashing process it froze my system? I waited for 30 minutes just in case it unlocked and completed the flash … anyways it didn’t. I thought I’d be ok to reset and reboot (I had no choice anyway) since it didn’t appear to write anything and froze right away.

So I rebooted and my system & it won’t get past the IDE dectection stage of the BIOS? I have power to my other writer and the tray will open but there’s no power going to the IDVDRW8D (no light)?

Any suggestions other than takeing it back?

I was thinking of just RMA’g the damn thing?


BTC gives flash failure recovery instructions here: http://www.drvupdate.com/User_Guide-content.htm#Flash%20Failure%20Recovery

You may get some useful useful information from my mtkflash page: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/mtkflash.htm