I/O Magic IDVD16DLS Rebadged Benq 1625 or 1655?



I’m getting mixed signals about this IO Magic IDVD16DLS.

Some user says its 1625 and some says 1655.

I’m looking for a benq to be as a backup since I dont have any.

So what is it or neither ?


Only way you’d run into a 1625 is if it’s VERY old stock, it would be incredibly unlikely at this point. I believe that LG and Liteon are the other possibilities with this model, so if you’re buying locally you might want to check the drive inside the box before leaving the store.


Well In my area I cant find any rebadged benq. Maybe Frys have some rebadged benq. So I have to go online.

Did some google and some stores had this Magic Idvd16dls but since I cant make a peek-a-boo :eek: . I cant buy something that isnt 100% Benq.

well thanks for your input.


Have you read through this thread yet? - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=192997&goto=lastpost That’s the place to look for detailed info on finding one.


Well I got me a Benq 1655 after a visit to Staples today.

Tomorrow I will get another one, last one in that store.
For my new custom build comp. Sofar I have a burner.

I was going to bid on ebay for a genuine 1655 but it went up to 121$ in the last minute. So I can go to staples and buy 2 for the price of one genuine.
Well I’m a happy camper sofar.


:clap: Good start :wink:

Your lucky. I have never found one at the 2 local Staples here.


Well before I went to the store I called IO Magic and asked if there are any signs or clues outside the box if its a benq or Lite-On. I was told that they aren’t any.
My benq was made at 04-04-2006.

I was also told by I/O Magic customer support that I could buy one from them and specify that I wanted a rebadged Dw 1655.

I was going to order online if I couldnt find a local store. They are (IDVD16DLS) available at several websites. I was scouting Geeks.com (Oceanside, California) and if they cant tell me then they should change name to notgeeky.com. They were cheap as well and its factory direct. So the drive is in a normal box.

Well I still on the lookout for another Dw1640 since I’m just so darn happy with the one I have. The only problems I have had with it has been dual layer media. But lately I have found out its the media and not the burner that resulted in poor burns(still playable). The last 2 spindles of verbatim has been like a dream.


Me too :slight_smile: I’d love to find me one more. I only have 1 :o


I got 4 BenQ 1655 this week local staples store ( searching 6 location )
but fifth one is not Benq it is Samsumg SH-182M
( outside box label Black face plate & inside clear wrap )


The biggest clue will be whether it states 4x or 8x DVD DL+R in the red circle on the box. 4x = DW1625 and 8x = DW1655. There are other brands that they could be as previously mentioned, but this at least narrows down the possibilities.


Well the luck ran out.

They had 2 left when I entered the store last time. So I assumed the last one was a 1655 as well. Didnt even open the box before I got home.

Well the Lite-on will be returned :a

On the + side the Lite-On users get powerdvd 5 and a lightscribe disc as well as nero.

While the benq users only get a nero disc.


Both boxes are identical on the outside with a white drive.


Well I tried the other Staples store and this time it said “black faceplate” on the box. The salesmen opened it and it was Benq 1655.

I dont know if its a bigger chance to get a Benq if its black vs white.

The only difference this time was that it already came with benq firmware BCHB. The white one I got I had to crossflash to get a Benq.


But watch out lots of Samsung Drive came out too
I pick last 1655 Black today I think they have restocck ( sold out yesterday )3 Box this morning
But only one is 1655 another two is samsung
anyway I’m quit hunting BenQ drive Because I got enough total 7
4 white / 3 black


Well I still have the odds in my favor.

2 out of 3 boxes have been Benq. I dont know if I need more. I still have some more staples store to visit if I need more. I could go back to the 2nd store since they have 6 more [I]unknown[/I] boxes. I just feel stupid to ask the manager to open the boxes. He looks at me like I’m some lame person.

I just cant ask him to open 6 boxes and just grab the benq’s. Well I could buy them all and just return the “liteoff” and samsung. I probably have the right to do that but what I’m going to do with all the 1655. Its not like they are worth the weight in gold. IF they were retail then maybe ebay. I could give some to my computer friends… But very few people actually know that they are differences between one burner and media from another.


I Had BENQ with No Problem?


Welcome to the Forum. Where did you get your BenQ with no problem?:confused: