I bought an I/O MAGIC 1DVD16DLS Lightscribe enabled 16X writer. :sad:

I can’t seem to get it to make a decent DVD at 8x with 8x HP DVD-R discs. Figured I’d go with name brand media to start, but the darned thing will not burn better than 4X on the media, without failing verification. Burn seems to go OK, but verifications failed 100% (4 tries) at 8X.

Anybody know who really makes this drive, or if there is a media that makes the drive more happy?



Could you please post more information about your situation? Point #4 of this forum’s posting guidelines (found at the top of this forum) will give some tips on what kind of information you should provide. :slight_smile:


how about some info on the discs you’re using? computer setup? are you sharing an IDE channel with a hard drive? DMA enabled?
Have you used another drive to verify your burns? What firmware revisions are you using?
Info plz.


Sorry to thread-jack.but I’m having issues with this same drive. Although, my issues are related to the lightscribe feature.

Although this drive came as a LS drive w/ Nero Express 6 (updated on website) the program can’t find a LS enabled drive.

I downloaded a eval version of sure thing cd/dvd label maker w/ LS features and it as well cannot find a LS enabled drive.

What settings should I check or what diagnostics could I run to figure if this is, in fact, a bad drive.

I have been able to burn cd’s/dvd’s with no issues. It’s simply the LS feature thats being a bugger at the moment.

thanks in adv.